I Found The Greatest Tik Tok 

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Top funny tiktok bros
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28. apr. 2021

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Vincent De La Terre
Vincent De La Terre Pred 2 urami
8:09 omg I made a video on the clip exactly.
Superdixie Pred 3 urami
Finally a SLtvr with a samsung
Cycloid Pred 9 urami
3:22 = My man is speaking in white text on white paper.
Viral Rathod
Viral Rathod Pred 12 urami
table tennis
Not Taycharles
Not Taycharles Pred 21 uro
table tennis
Zeriel 222
Zeriel 222 Pred dnevom
is the drain guy David Attenborough?
Anton Kirkegaard
Anton Kirkegaard Pred dnevom
Nice vidio
Imacg Pred dnevom
That spider one made me die. I expect compensation for my death.
GBgamerBS Pred dnevom
14:20 Will's mum
عبد العراقي
Dmtay Pred dnevom
pewdipie what yoyr username
oof Pred dnevom
I knocked off like 50% of the things that were on my table because I flinched at the spider one, god I hate tiktok omfg
Samm Martin
Samm Martin Pred 2 dnevi
the broccoli filter is on snapchat!
Victoria Dodin
Victoria Dodin Pred 2 dnevi
Good video
Arthur Sinberg
Arthur Sinberg Pred 2 dnevi
Pewds you're right?
Dallin Schwab
Dallin Schwab Pred 3 dnevi
I love how your reacting to your self
Taf Toc
Taf Toc Pred 3 dnevi
Fuckin western spy
Devin Neville
Devin Neville Pred 3 dnevi
Why would you be a Adam Sandler hater he is a great and funny actor
Erob Pred 3 dnevi
3:59 Pewdiepie Voice crack
Ana Bianca
Ana Bianca Pred 3 dnevi
Tell me why I had a Burger King advertisement 😭😭😭😭
Sartori Pred 4 dnevi
2:44 That video is not real, i mean he wasn't saying those things, its dubbed over and subtitled with different things. That voice isn't that old man's voice.
Javier Chang
Javier Chang Pred 4 dnevi
3:00 my guy is just so goddamn calm when a car flew by
Angela Cunningham
Angela Cunningham Pred 4 dnevi
2:25 i was in the middle of a fucking yawn and it got shoved back down
Yate Pred 4 dnevi
Wow lol
Daniel Maisuradze
Daniel Maisuradze Pred 4 dnevi
2:25 God, that scared the fuck out of me
OG OG Pred 4 dnevi
DELAX CH Pred 4 dnevi
So funny. Last clip hahaha.
Cookie Pred 5 dnevi
8:34 for anyone that doesn’t understand, table tennis...
Lucy Herrick
Lucy Herrick Pred 5 dnevi
Bro the clip of the fish had me crying when i first saw it
Calvin Pred 5 dnevi
Ewan White
Ewan White Pred 5 dnevi
That spider fucking got me 🤦‍♂️
nupter man
nupter man Pred 5 dnevi
Plz can some one tell me the song that the old man use for the tik tok
Sebi Filip
Sebi Filip Pred 5 dnevi
petscop2 confirm???
Miftahul Faris
Miftahul Faris Pred 5 dnevi
ur right
desuu_ne Pred 5 dnevi
Michaeltransdad have so much funny videos
EvasionBOB Pred 5 dnevi
Seen on Open sea NFT PewDiePie punk for 350k $ LOL U history now
Hero-tech reviews
Hero-tech reviews Pred 6 dnevi
Finally I’ve made it to the end 😇
Bhavansh Gulia
Bhavansh Gulia Pred 6 dnevi
8:17 Same person same laugh
Ömer Deniz Mut
Ömer Deniz Mut Pred 6 dnevi
İskelet oyun dünyası_25
Pewdiepie| ➡ Minecraft 15:25 | %98 --------------- | Tik tok %2 👇👇👇👇 Minecraft pls
Krrish Pred 6 dnevi
the wrong thing with minecraft vid is that there isn't a offhand slot
Zero Fantasy
Zero Fantasy Pred 6 dnevi
Did he just call dutch people aliens
DIRTBIKEKING skateboarder
This video makes me wanna go rewatch the subnatica shit lmao
Vismay Gujaran
Vismay Gujaran Pred 6 dnevi
14:22 he looks like the TLC guy with the greatest neck
ЕНОТИК NEW Pred 6 dnevi
Привет я русский
Johnny Baird
Johnny Baird Pred 6 dnevi
Table tennis 8:33
Pele Mathay
Pele Mathay Pred 6 dnevi
Vicki Miller
Vicki Miller Pred 7 dnevi
I feel like this just proves once again that 90% of Tiktok videos are cringe, and of the 10% that are actually funny, about 90% of those are just videos from OTHER platforms (movies, TV shows, other social media videos). So in conclusion, TikTok still isn't funny
THE JACOB Pred 7 dnevi
the Russian dude talking about almost getting hit by a car is fake. The original is in Croatian, but it was dubbed over in Russian with the yellow car joke.
albedo GAMING
albedo GAMING Pred 7 dnevi
Gabriel Vargas
Gabriel Vargas Pred 7 dnevi
Pewdiepie: I hate people that do fake reacts to tiktoks Also Pewdiepie: "So today we are going to react to some of the videos I favorited"
Kinsley Maggy
Kinsley Maggy Pred 7 dnevi
As a fan of Dan, that was funny not gonna lie. 9:55
CeramicBird Pred 7 dnevi
2:44 yes, this is Russia for you
Magma Türk
Magma Türk Pred 7 dnevi
Funy intro
Yoshi’s Plush Experience Hehe funneh
Watch us and subscribe pls
pranasumirat Pred 7 dnevi
A A Pred 7 dnevi
What's the background music at 12:44 ?
Crim Pred 7 dnevi
the sub nautica clip was gold
JuniorzGT Pred 7 dnevi
Tiktok cringe eww
living in stereo
living in stereo Pred 7 dnevi
8:41 because its table tennis, duh.
Nian Pred 7 dnevi
2:35 I swallowed my own oesophagus
PvtSnowBall Pred 7 dnevi
So tic tok now is just a worse version of reddit and ifunny. Cool
Jani Anishchuk
Jani Anishchuk Pred 7 dnevi
PewDiePie is SUCKS
james david coln
james david coln Pred 7 dnevi
the way he said CAPY-BEAR- A is so funny
Pus Grey
Pus Grey Pred 7 dnevi
2:37 Holy Sh*t
Sarvajit Karanth
Sarvajit Karanth Pred 7 dnevi
6:15 i watched that live it was so cool
Bram farang Gang
Bram farang Gang Pred 7 dnevi
Yea we're not actually stood for hours saying "alright" lol just in passing just a friendly hi bye kinda thing or later if ya see em lol "u following me haha alright" that's it lol it's weird ye hahaha
Nicanor Buzovoi
Nicanor Buzovoi Pred 7 dnevi
5:21 Bad News, Capitan Slow said the n-word
kamyab pk
kamyab pk Pred 7 dnevi
Where funny?🐒
Mute Stream
Mute Stream Pred 7 dnevi
2:30 totally didn't spill my coffee everywhere on that one, nope, not at all.
Степан Ермилов
Video with russian man is actually voiced over. He is saying different words
savvas the noob
savvas the noob Pred 7 dnevi
I have a pug and that's true
태후쌤 Pred 7 dnevi
It's called "pewdiepe's factory" in Korean. I'd appreciate it if you could leave comments on the new video
Joshua Chou 2.0
Joshua Chou 2.0 Pred 7 dnevi
5:21 I guess pewds is a fan of James May
Headphone_ Girl
Headphone_ Girl Pred 7 dnevi
Gid Stein
Gid Stein Pred 7 dnevi
Bro the spider scared me
colly407 Pred 8 dnevi
That mom is going to hell
Anika Galatea
Anika Galatea Pred 8 dnevi
The broccoli filter is on snap...
Ruchan Sijapati
Ruchan Sijapati Pred 8 dnevi
sirO Japanese Dude
Nurolinx Net
Nurolinx Net Pred 8 dnevi
He is repulsive and not funny
Anime N00B
Anime N00B Pred 8 dnevi
I didnt expect the spider cuz im stupid, literally threw my phone lol
K’Den Balderrama
K’Den Balderrama Pred 8 dnevi
So am i
warsee 1
warsee 1 Pred 8 dnevi
The burger king thing looks like Chris Pratt before it looks like Felix
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox Pred 8 dnevi
Pewds: I'm so sick of info tik toks Tik Tok algorhythm: Write that down write that down!!!
Seth Stroud
Seth Stroud Pred 8 dnevi
10:01 How to build a dam. It's pretty simple. Divert the water around where you are building the dam, then build the dam.
mrsatanknows Pred 8 dnevi
2:34 almost pissed
Andrew Pred 8 dnevi
Ads on the side of websites be like: 12:19
Rrezart Buzhala
Rrezart Buzhala Pred 8 dnevi
I laughed, pewds laughed, short hair pewds laughed
non functional human
*nods at my friend* "no my parents were fighting last night" Me: *Awkward silence* . . . 🤪
FlappyPhantom Pred 8 dnevi
3:05 Felix was right, it's not real. It's dubbed by another person and it's not what he actually said
Burger King plane guy is my spirit animal. He's such a legend...
Emilia is Best Waifu
That’s a shitty mom. Don’t cut off someone’s minecraft
Cake123boi Pred 8 dnevi
This man won't let them swear on tik tok but he can say the f word
ItsGhost Pred 8 dnevi
Plsss pewdiepie pls subtitles in spanish plsss a from Colombia, a like yours videos
Killer Queen
Killer Queen Pred 8 dnevi
So Pewds is part West African?
itsanthony32 Pred 8 dnevi
im carrying anime tiktok
Quoxezy Pred 8 dnevi
Gurtaj Hundal
Gurtaj Hundal Pred 8 dnevi
your new name ''DIE PIE''
無cici Pred 8 dnevi
That is very funny,especially that spider,I feel very terrible.
Aparna Ghosh
Aparna Ghosh Pred 8 dnevi
I am from india
Tik Tok is Cringe
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