I bought a new camera (240p) 

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23. mar. 2021

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Komentarjev 100   
I N S A N E Pred 2 dnevi
He switch video quality 20 d Fps face
TD B Pred 6 dnevi
Not excused. -AMUERICA
Jacob Slatter
Jacob Slatter Pred 6 dnevi
I knew Felix was jacked but how can he lift a 5,000 pound camera? 🤔
Kars Karol
Kars Karol Pred 6 dnevi
I have 720p camera from 2013
The Icy Myth
The Icy Myth Pred 7 dnevi
i put this on 240p. it was the same.
GodaBadic Pred 7 dnevi
Johnny McMenamin
Johnny McMenamin Pred 7 dnevi
The need for mirrored image is a headache. I know you love how you look in the mirror but that's the opposite of how we see you.
신재호 Pred 11 dnevi
Sonic the hedgehog
Sonic the hedgehog Pred 11 dnevi
He is still using it..
Hector Cornejo
Hector Cornejo Pred 13 dnevi
Ahhhh, The old pewdiepie background music
art a la amelia
art a la amelia Pred 14 dnevi
this is too crispy, it hurts my eyes!!
Wendell Larson
Wendell Larson Pred 15 dnevi
Friday night funk in the kickstarter is the best to donate to
Jens Ole
Jens Ole Pred 15 dnevi
3:26 soo good equipment that the audio went out
mark mberte
mark mberte Pred 16 dnevi
upgrade : Upgrade : Dang it upgrade! : *Upgrade to 240p* F*ck Go back!
Spiral Pred 17 dnevi
Cocomelon just passed are king in subs😔
wizaard Pred 17 dnevi
swedish sounds like backwards english
Jordan frost diamond
Jordan frost diamond Pred 17 dnevi
Tojo Pred 17 dnevi
Nicc motion capture tho
Sam Dabboi
Sam Dabboi Pred 18 dnevi
watch in 144p for maximum enjoyment
HKC DLLM Pred 19 dnevi
I am waiting for a 3P camera in 2021 ...
galaxy girl 2000
galaxy girl 2000 Pred 19 dnevi
The quality is so good honesty dropped my foot lettuce
tortang talong
tortang talong Pred 20 dnevi
me watching in 144p:
I will kill you if you be mean
The camera quality is evolving just backwards
Kurt Dubovsky
Kurt Dubovsky Pred 20 dnevi
wow, such an original comment...
DinoNuggies Pred 20 dnevi
Just change the name to Last week I asked you
fooaku boii
fooaku boii Pred 20 dnevi
just rema
just rema Pred 20 dnevi
I love you
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez Pred 20 dnevi
Interesting video quality. It's something else.
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez Pred 20 dnevi
That last part when he didn't feel like doing his leg reveal. 😂😂
Lead and nails
Lead and nails Pred 21 dnevom
I am American and I cannot stand other Americans
ambrož zven
ambrož zven Pred 22 dnevi
Pewds teach me Swedish🙏🏼
Lasagna Pred 23 dnevi
Did anyone else’s sound just cut out around 3:25
sanre 34
sanre 34 Pred 23 dnevi
Gengar2023 Pred 23 dnevi
Sive the real MVP, lol
Heather Barrett
Heather Barrett Pred 24 dnevi
like, it is a bit of a bummer that the two are no longer friends but that is life and not that big of a deal. Friends come and go, some stick around but others don't. I'd rather them stop talking, then pretend to be friends forever just for views or whatever. It is none of our business who is and who isn't friends anymore or why. We are not their friends or family, we are just a bunch of strangers on the internet. We don't need to know every little thing about them or demand explanations for things because it is none of our concern as viewers and strangers. If you care that much about their personal lives or who they are friends with then you really need to get a hobby or something.
Devin Loughran
Devin Loughran Pred 24 dnevi
did anyone else watch this on 240p just for the meme?
「Squish」 Pred 24 dnevi
I'm watching this in (240P)
killer kamal en rarris dochter
Ahh yes the president of the netherland with the king talking about denmark looking like a fat batman getting sucked off by a fish
Garith BB
Garith BB Pred 24 dnevi
Poods, I miss your old camera 😬
Dakisha Pred 24 dnevi
PewDiePie vs cocomelon
Ayyub Solihin
Ayyub Solihin Pred 24 dnevi
yea clutch chair..my country couldnt even
Crazy Bombard
Crazy Bombard Pred 24 dnevi
15:26 I live in that country of that coin!
Mrs. Wolffinity
Mrs. Wolffinity Pred 25 dnevi
I changed the video quality to 240 and his cam actually looked the same xD
Shadows Of The Paranormal
60fps it says? Hahahaha bullshit
Bruno Olivaes
Bruno Olivaes Pred 26 dnevi
react to a video from the maicon kuster channel
Siddhartha Gupta
Siddhartha Gupta Pred 26 dnevi
his galaxy s20 ultra is better than this
Jonay2006 Koggel
Jonay2006 Koggel Pred 26 dnevi
Now you just need the funny mic
MJching24 Pred 26 dnevi
Who play this on 240p
Mr.beansss cartel
Mr.beansss cartel Pred 26 dnevi
jeez the video is legit cutting off audio at random parts of the vid lmao
Kermit The Pog
Kermit The Pog Pred 15 dnevi
It's probably because of copy right claims
fuzzy sharks
fuzzy sharks Pred 27 dnevi
the quality of this vid makes it almost unwatchable for me T_T it makes me feel sick for some reason?
sploo the anti gacha and anti roblox slender
the camera on the thumbnail is my camera
Shawn Pred 27 dnevi
1:53 No, don’t apologize, us Americans hate Americans too
Franklin Spicer
Franklin Spicer Pred 28 dnevi
“This is a lot of dislikes for me” meanwhile this video has 3.4k
Sebi Manea
Sebi Manea Pred 28 dnevi
not even kidding i watched the whole vid on 140p
Danica Pred 28 dnevi
POV: *you're looking for a comment that isn't about Pewds camera*
MrBlueSky Pred 28 dnevi
Cool 😎
Blu3balled Pred 28 dnevi
I put it on 240p for the full effect
Obama Prisim
Obama Prisim Pred 28 dnevi
coomki Pred 29 dnevi
CCTV Cameras be like :
Dimond toybox Calp
Dimond toybox Calp Pred mesecem
I'm amarican but I still laughed.
Andoy Doy
Andoy Doy Pred mesecem
Jesus Loves all of you
Przemo 123
Przemo 123 Pred mesecem
ale fajna kamera
evilsolpatchman 0
evilsolpatchman 0 Pred mesecem
What game did he not wanna play?
Gabriel Dulinayan
Gabriel Dulinayan Pred mesecem
Paula Landrum
Paula Landrum Pred mesecem
15:09 when that one friend gets the joke you told 3 days ago
Paula Landrum
Paula Landrum Pred mesecem
13:55 felix looks like a karen on the life, lol
Mrd0402 Pred mesecem
Whole else watched in 144 P
AustinTheNoobieAFK Pred mesecem
His camera quality be like: "GO BACK I WANT TO BE MONKEY🐒"
Pred mesecem
Put the video on 144p for full slavic experience
lila Pred mesecem
you said Talar i svenska @10:56
Lady Eve • 50 years ago
The audio got cut for a lil part of the video but I'm assuming for copyright reasons so it's all good.
Distilled Sadness
Distilled Sadness Pred mesecem
That is such a good camera
Toast ItUp
Toast ItUp Pred mesecem
They use these cameras for bank security? Must be good quality.
Carolyn Burton
Carolyn Burton Pred mesecem
Yahya Bayy
Yahya Bayy Pred mesecem
I think 99% of the times in Englisch
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen Pred mesecem
play on 144p for best experience
DreamBig319 Pred mesecem
pewdiepie, you should do a current tattoo review
MHWdJ Pred mesecem
15:02 that is the dutch king and the dutch prime minister
Raze Pred mesecem
When pewds switched to Swedish halfway through I thought I was having a stroke
As an American we don’t like ourselves either 😅
Mosh Jetro
Mosh Jetro Pred mesecem
Buttt...I always watch videos in 240p cause my internet is garbage
Sela Salihu
Sela Salihu Pred mesecem
he takes lag☝️☝️☝️
Comrade AyaanCake
Comrade AyaanCake Pred mesecem
yeh know i think i like the old camera better
Anna Archer
Anna Archer Pred mesecem
Subscribers: GET A NEW CAMERA UR CAMERA NOW IS THE WORST QUALITY Pewds: “gets new camera” Subscribers: How the FUCK did it got worse 😂
Anna Archer
Anna Archer Pred mesecem
Omfg he really found a loophole to troll tf outta of us I respect it 🤌
codenameayanYT Pred mesecem
the low frames hurt my brain and eyes
kiran kumar
kiran kumar Pred mesecem
15:13 that laugh made me laugh loud af
Memus Peemus
Memus Peemus Pred mesecem
Better do 144p
GAMER BOI Pred mesecem
Alegría Infinita
Alegría Infinita Pred mesecem
Lord Grim
Lord Grim Pred mesecem
Frame Rate: 📉
Red Dead Clowns
Red Dead Clowns Pred mesecem
I cant believe hes still using the android camera
Casey D
Casey D Pred mesecem
He really got an android camera 😔😔
P L Pred mesecem
apple is overpriced garbage
Oscar Zelaya
Oscar Zelaya Pred mesecem
Bruh ewwww
mighty kitty
mighty kitty Pred mesecem
I was wondering when the camera quality would get bad but apparently I have such low standards that I didn’t even notice it was happening the whole video Man, having an old laptop and playing new games on it really lowered my standards when it comes to quality. 2 FPS for life
prince gamer
prince gamer Pred mesecem
sammeo Pred mesecem
Video quality is so bad that SLtv just give up on the resolution settings
Daan Fischer Guitar
Daan Fischer Guitar Pred mesecem
Do people still watch his vids ? From 00:00 to the end ?
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