The Battle of Josh will be recorded in History Books 

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26. apr. 2021

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teddersthepug teddybear
I like to think that the intro is a drunk simolator
Kelsey Ordaz
Kelsey Ordaz Pred 11 urami
svgs are vector files, my dude. People put those out so you can open them in programs like illustrator and make flawless alterations.
Mrgames Alot1
Mrgames Alot1 Pred dnevom
1900s people: "I bet by 2021 there will be flying cars." 2021: 6:21
echo checo
echo checo Pred dnevom
jetastronomia Pred dnevom
"why is it black"
Muzik Noob
Muzik Noob Pred 2 dnevi
SVG is EPIC! if you open it on notepad, it looks like HTML ( readable text ) 😱 why you hate it bro?
Awesomeness 600
Awesomeness 600 Pred 3 dnevi
Sgvs are similar to pngs, but mostly used in web development
Daniel Walls
Daniel Walls Pred 3 dnevi
Bruh I wanted to listen to the Apple drip music
Taf Toc
Taf Toc Pred 3 dnevi
Fuckin western spy
Ethan Bryant
Ethan Bryant Pred 3 dnevi
Kracc bacc
Entrican Pred 3 dnevi
I watch jojo it is really good
noob player
noob player Pred 3 dnevi
I come here from kracc bacc😂
mynameisdis Pred 3 dnevi
7:50 my notifications
Legolord Productions
11:14 you know that this part will be taken out of context quick
Legolord Productions
8:52 Now I must remind you that the Russians have arrived lad
Legolord Productions
Bad news walter I have stage 5 diabetas
ThatCarGuy20 Pred 4 dnevi
Anyone here from Kracc Bacc: 8:58
triston millls
triston millls Pred 4 dnevi
I’m so used to I try to click on the Skip Ad 🤦🏻
super_baku Pred 4 dnevi
battle of ricks when
Le Sweeno
Le Sweeno Pred 4 dnevi
So Josh's are just simps who let that little shit win.
Anton Lamme
Anton Lamme Pred 4 dnevi
Wow, this rant about file formats and “fake”.png really raised the cringe levels. Just google the explanation.
Nicholas Zane
Nicholas Zane Pred 4 dnevi
the intro is cool ngl
2xdynamic Pred 4 dnevi
did anyone else check their discord while watching?
Omid Jahanbakhsh
Omid Jahanbakhsh Pred 5 dnevi
Chezvi YT
Chezvi YT Pred 5 dnevi
9:00 i think its what you need
Chezvi YT
Chezvi YT Pred 5 dnevi
From kracc bacc
Xxnoo_gamerxX Pred 5 dnevi
Kracc bacc
Glen Coco
Glen Coco Pred 5 dnevi
I hope they send all the fake PNGs to Bing
Meezen Pred 5 dnevi
pewds pls slow down the discord call music and you will notice what it sounds like
Amzar Lutfiyaaqalil
Amzar Lutfiyaaqalil Pred 5 dnevi
kracc bacc
Emmiline Pred 5 dnevi
I want the disc drip as ringphone. where???? how??? halp.
Mi Mi Mi Mi
Mi Mi Mi Mi Pred 5 dnevi
Based Far right gaming
*8:59* Mog drip
EvasionBOB Pred 5 dnevi
Seen on Open sea NFT PewDiePie punk for 350k $ LOL U history now
E M Pred 5 dnevi
@12:00 PNG suck, SVG are much better as they are vector files!!!
Edwin Folgar
Edwin Folgar Pred 6 dnevi
Josh fight was plain beautiful
Little josh had the Burger King hat on
Did anybody else hit the skip add thing when it came up
Shark puppet 2021
Shark puppet 2021 Pred 6 dnevi
POV: you came to see pewdiepie watch fnaf car drip
Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown Pred 6 dnevi
2:20 I actually tried to press the skip ad button
GippyHappy Pred 6 dnevi
If I had to get corona I'd want it to be because I broke quarantine to fight thousands of people for my name
Benana! Pred 6 dnevi
Pov: you are a kracc bacc fan
Niggi pro
Niggi pro Pred 6 dnevi
What’s the soundtracks name at 12:00
Jayann Raywood
Jayann Raywood Pred 6 dnevi
Fnaf car drip came from kracc bacc, monke pog
Meme Toast
Meme Toast Pred 6 dnevi
Pov: your here bc of kracc bacc.
zemus doge
zemus doge Pred 6 dnevi
The transparent pngs fakes are much thanks to cricut machines.
Wiktor Muraszko
Wiktor Muraszko Pred 6 dnevi
Jeeez, seeing pewds screaming at one true image format was so infurieiting, .svg format is for vector graphic that can be scaled to any size not losing any quality.
w Pred 6 dnevi
Subscribe to me for daily memes 🥶
Nintenblox Shorts
Nintenblox Shorts Pred 7 dnevi
The fnaf car drip was made by Kracc Bacc.
ShxcksILost MyBread
ShxcksILost MyBread Pred 7 dnevi
6:22 you know that man running across the screen was PASSIONATE.
RavenclawBoi Pred 7 dnevi
ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ
Madara Brando
Madara Brando Pred 7 dnevi
every Josh: *fighting* josh: *sees a cute girl* I wonder whats her name every josh: *stops and stares at him*
thatKidJosh Pred 7 dnevi
bro i got 5th place in the josh fight ;((
Miroslav serious games
Cocomelon passed pewds
Lukey Pepper
Lukey Pepper Pred 7 dnevi
anyone else here from kracc bacc just to see pewdiepie's reaction
TRUCK CAMBO Pred 7 dnevi
Hello 👋
beingatliberty Pred 7 dnevi
Svg’s are fine - scalable vector graphic
ProstyFranek Pred 7 dnevi
svg is fucking great
sgoodz Pred 7 dnevi
Ah cleric pewds doing pew pew noise all the time for always and unity to his wife Lauirer. Also in the news....:0:32 don't fucking blind for the fandom bi 4 now 01001010101020202020101010101001
ESUESU Pred 7 dnevi
If u want to check if the image is png. format without downloading it, you just have to drag the image a bit to the side. If the fake transparent background is still seeable, then it's not png format. If it's clear, then it's png. It's very. Simple.
Alejandro Pred 15 urami
Wow I actually didn't know that, I just saerched for "transparent ______" and hope I find what I wanted by clicking all the images, especially the white ones since they sometimes change to being transparent. Thank you
Isa Draven
Isa Draven Pred 7 dnevi
Considering what some disgusting human beings decided to call April 24th, it awesome that we can now associate it with the Josh fight instead.
Fuzzy Shady
Fuzzy Shady Pred 8 dnevi
Subjective Object
Subjective Object Pred 8 dnevi
3:56 that’s not random, that’s the beatbox intro to Pewdiepie’s hit single “jabba the hut”
bleu eggos
bleu eggos Pred 8 dnevi
My name is David can all the Davids meet up n handle this the right way
Fabri Flores
Fabri Flores Pred 8 dnevi
But svg is the best type of image format :(
SirShrimps Pred 8 dnevi
I thought it was just a fight between people named Josh Swain not every Josh
Royalty Vlogs
Royalty Vlogs Pred 8 dnevi
Holy shit I was at the josh fight
Shyann Williams
Shyann Williams Pred 8 dnevi
wee shit im a png maker n make alot of money off it :(
Soup D0d0
Soup D0d0 Pred 8 dnevi
Don’t take 11:14out of context
D3monic Pred 8 dnevi
I want to change my name to Josh now...
MeowCachow Pred 8 dnevi
Pewdiepie: ... Fake PNG: ... Pewdiepie: TO THE RANCH
Sophie The Cat
Sophie The Cat Pred 8 dnevi
svg images are like the best image format lol you can scale it and it never gets pixelated we dont need jpgs
Vincent Smith
Vincent Smith Pred 8 dnevi
"That sounded a little harsh because it is, it needs to be" Should be a new meme template
Rex Pred 8 dnevi
noo he dissed Arrow
RicoUkrGaming Pred 8 dnevi
Who else tried to skip the ad when the skip button popped up?😂💀
PlatyPlush Pred 8 dnevi
I thought pews love png meme bc in his mental break down video he laugh and give 10/10
Hcaz1113 Pred 8 dnevi
the creators of svg file types: what did I do to you?
Theke Pred 8 dnevi
5:34 song name pls?
Hcaz1113 Pred 8 dnevi
So do they call him "the Josh" now? or what?
Outlander 0
Outlander 0 Pred 8 dnevi
Tiktoks ETrends Video
Following at my canal, Funny TikTok Compilation😂😂😂 good luck..
콩나물 사세요 100%국내산입니다
أغرب من الخيال
كم بالشهر تاخذ فلوس
Hoàng Minh
Hoàng Minh Pred 8 dnevi
Lets make a fight to see who will keep the name "Felix"
CosimoColdKing Pred 8 dnevi
You can't copy because of copyright. If you download a Pic that has copyright and use it they will know and charge you.
Sasha Sold.
Sasha Sold. Pred 8 dnevi
hu here from krac bacc
Sasha Sold.
Sasha Sold. Pred 8 dnevi
9:02 baccs fnaf drip
Cakey Bakey
Cakey Bakey Pred 8 dnevi
He has a discord?
SqueeBun Pred 8 dnevi
Seeing him get upset at a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) - one of the purest images you could download from the internet, especially for a simple graphic like an arrow - is kinda funny, but it hurts T-T It deserves much more respect than that.
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Pred 9 dnevi
2:35 You found a good meme on Lwiay and is about to give it Big PP 2:31 It's a rick roll
John Santos
John Santos Pred 9 dnevi
Send the fake png to the ranch
TheMcBoy59 alt acc
TheMcBoy59 alt acc Pred 9 dnevi
Here from kracc bacc
flashgamerEX Pred 9 dnevi
I actually saw the fight in person
kristian sandvik
kristian sandvik Pred 9 dnevi
3:56 Jabba the hutt song starts playing
CrayCray Pred 9 dnevi
Pewdiepie’s meme review intro looks like something you’d find on adult swim
Nandana 145
Nandana 145 Pred 9 dnevi
Whoever comes across this may have the best day they have ever wished for❤💯
idk whatuser2enter
idk whatuser2enter Pred 9 dnevi
Hello I came here just to tell everyone that they have to breath manualy noe
Celito MP
Celito MP Pred 9 dnevi
Quien mas habla español?
Minitube 5601xd
Minitube 5601xd Pred 9 dnevi
Kracc ;))))
hi Pred 9 dnevi
svg are actually important but good rage XD
JB32gameing101 Pred 9 dnevi
My name is Josh and I have no idea on what is going on
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