Woman Addicted to Eating Matressess 

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28. mar. 2021

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Tufu 90
Tufu 90 Pred 35 minutami
19:44 dam he is a fucking psychiatrist
JC Pred 3 urami
Anyone noticed the Nordvpn ad come out of nowhere
Dominik Alexej Biščo
Like oreo
Dominik Alexej Biščo
John R- Hook
John R- Hook Pred 11 urami
Its the color of the fries that are psychologically f***** her up- give her some stuff lightly flavor French Fries with different flavors...and maybe u have a chance- but this doctor is a dumb a**- I can eat shit on a stick and I almost threw up genius- red and blue and purple French fries- I rather eat my Goya beans
gopika gopinathan
gopika gopinathan Pred 14 urami
The way he god triggered on the toilet part CLEAN YOUR DAMN TOILET ☠️
Rampo Light
Rampo Light Pred 17 urami
Basically vegans are just like this.. they are mentally unstable
Andreas! Pred dnevom
1:47 soft cruncy texture wow.
whlop Pred dnevom
Angel food cake actually has that exact same texture, it’d be a amazing substitute.
Hack Hear
Hack Hear Pred dnevom
This thing will just get bigger in your stomach and than you die, on to many mattresses how is that possible? most people where saved by mattresses... cringe
Smooty Pred dnevom
I got a fucking mattress 30-70% discount commercial while watching this
perry the psyduck
perry the psyduck Pred 2 dnevi
its just a frickin red french fry
Sofia Gaspar
Sofia Gaspar Pred 2 dnevi
why am i watching this while eating
Brody b
Brody b Pred 2 dnevi
go to mattress rehabe
Aaron Gomez
Aaron Gomez Pred 2 dnevi
they say, "you are what you eat" in this case... MATTRESS
Phoenix2279 Pred 2 dnevi
As someone with anxiety/ some sensory issues , the rainbow French fries thing sort of made sense? Like i physically struggle with certain sounds, fabrics, and other stuff like just being really close to/ touching people makes me so fucking uncomfortable. Good for her!
Nathan Watson
Nathan Watson Pred 2 dnevi
This is literally something you would see on inter-dimensional TV on Rick and Morty
Pawgers! Pred 2 dnevi
Wait eating ice on the regular isn't normal? Bro what? Edit: Mkay so i just looked it up and it *is* a symptom of iron decency, which i have. Huh. Well IG Pewds is educational. The more you know!
Tarun Nagarajan
Tarun Nagarajan Pred 2 dnevi
Bed bites:bruhhhhh......
Bloosh Pred 2 dnevi
That intro 🤣
Akanni Mc
Akanni Mc Pred 3 dnevi
She pissed on it and eat it
Yyoo, it’s DOM !!
Yyoo, it’s DOM !! Pred 3 dnevi
Like you gotta really think, that’s gotta be a tough battle a bad disorder to eating strange things, that’s just dam
it's Me
it's Me Pred 3 dnevi
janefar ate mattress and at 12:22 janefar became a mattress 🤣🤣
ivy Pred 3 dnevi
now why she be looking like the duke from the Resident Evil game
Oxion GD
Oxion GD Pred 3 dnevi
she is eating sheep hair
Justin Horton
Justin Horton Pred 3 dnevi
PewDiePie man you have some odd wonders lol. But it's like me, if I could fill my house full of wonderful cedar wood chips, or atleast have a giant cup to walk around a smell, I'd be so happy. Wish my house smelt like fresh cedar chips!!!!
Travix 7
Travix 7 Pred 3 dnevi
women eats drywall, preferring a certain type over another: "Professionals have standards"
Veinor13 Pred 3 dnevi
leave the second girl in a room without food for 5 days and then offer her apples
madalina magadan
madalina magadan Pred 3 dnevi
sanchit sreekumar
sanchit sreekumar Pred 4 dnevi
I can hear Gordon Ramsay in the background saying “That shit ain’t cooked properly”
MotaShotta Pred 4 dnevi
I really can't stand people like the second woman. This "illness" is clearly a product of privilege and terrible parenting.
Pabwo Pred 5 dnevi
you are what u eat
Hunter a.k.
Hunter a.k. Pred 5 dnevi
Prinempal Pred 5 dnevi
-video is long enough -pewds: video was too short! -makes another video in the video bonus video!
Maja Shadowmoon
Maja Shadowmoon Pred 6 dnevi
5:14 I'm wheezing
Kelly Pred 6 dnevi
I feel like she would see furries like walking food be fursuits are made out of foam
Destroyer 7509
Destroyer 7509 Pred 6 dnevi
It’s a great weightloss technique.
Stolas Medrano
Stolas Medrano Pred 6 dnevi
I ate my own mattress already..
emily jade
emily jade Pred 6 dnevi
“that’s really bahed”
emily jade
emily jade Pred 6 dnevi
okay jennifer i ate cigarettes when i was little but you don’t see me eating them now. just smoking them.
emily jade
emily jade Pred 3 dnevi
@Lollipop ................. REALLY? omg i didn’t know that 🤠🤠
Lollipop Pred 4 dnevi
Don’t smoke it’s bad for you
Carson King
Carson King Pred 6 dnevi
Ngl the rainbow fries didn't sit right with me either...
Isaac Mounce
Isaac Mounce Pred 7 dnevi
3:00 minutes into this, and I'm already pointing at my own head, pretending its a pistol and pulling the trigger. *Hysterically crying* I can't do this anymore! I can't live in a world with people like this anymore! Take mercy on me and strike me down, Lord!
Planet Mars
Planet Mars Pred 7 dnevi
I eat ice and I let it melt in my mouth :T
Ginja Ninja
Ginja Ninja Pred 7 dnevi
Childhood trauma connected to FOOD has done this...imho.TRAUMA is...F-E-A-R...serious, in-grained F-E-A-R!!
irfan izzrusyaidi
irfan izzrusyaidi Pred 7 dnevi
This pica syndrome reminded me of a manga from junji ito ( I think?) about a creepy boy that keeps on sucking iron nails because he got iron deficiency.
Kody Foster
Kody Foster Pred 7 dnevi
I mean eating mattresses is one thing that’s bad for your health but she’s also HUGE!!!! That’s definitely bad for your health...
BananaTheNinja Pred 7 dnevi
Does it always have to be crinkle cut? Maybe they should have started her off with different cuts of fries so she could get visually it looks different but is the same, which I get is basically what they did with the colors but human instinctually avoid certain colors when it comes to food so that would be hit or miss with a normal person. Like those blue fries did not look appetizing, would it kill you, no, but it didn't look good. Get that last lady some candy cigarette!!
Octavio Rangel
Octavio Rangel Pred 7 dnevi
Idk I used to eat pebbles when I was a kid. I’m 30 still alive lol
English Bro
English Bro Pred 7 dnevi
18:29 me in kindergarden
Ananya Garg
Ananya Garg Pred 7 dnevi
Bruh why is her family caring about this issue after like 20 years!?!? Excuse me, where the heck were you all before?
Hiking valkyrie does stuff
I love the way he says stuff like iron and mattress it’s so cute
Moneymethazine Pred 7 dnevi
You recon it wipes on the way out?
Daniel Gbwapor
Daniel Gbwapor Pred 7 dnevi
imight have pica cause i eat chalk
Mathew Buck
Mathew Buck Pred 8 dnevi
At least the second girl was addicted to food
Jesus tech
Jesus tech Pred 8 dnevi
i don't like sea food like they smell, taste weird, the texture is weird and i gag when it starts to smell from being cooked to long
Zachary Roberts
Zachary Roberts Pred 8 dnevi
My aunt paid me 5 bucks when I was about 8 to eat a piece of watermelon. I didn’t like it as much but, I GOT PAID 5 BUCKS!!!!!
MacaroniTheStupid Pred 8 dnevi
Imagine coming home and you see Jennifer eating ur mattress
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez Pred 8 dnevi
That's bizarre... for all three of them!
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez Pred 8 dnevi
They should've went with sweet potato fries after the rainbow, and THEN the next step with other vegetables.
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez Pred 8 dnevi
She certainly HAS taken comfort food to another level. 😂😂😂
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez Pred 8 dnevi
Spongy, not crunchy. 😅
Carl Charles
Carl Charles Pred 8 dnevi
everything is invented it has all been done ALREady even this wow
williecrews27 Pred 8 dnevi
drywall is cheap just go buy a sheet geeeezzzzzz
kittyjeany Pred 8 dnevi
19:10 pewds is totally on point. its not easy to push yourself, but if you want a change for the better, you have to get out of your comfort zone, even if its just a little. ive been battling my thalassophobia recently. it was always an issue. but after seeing my room mate play subnautica, i blocked out everything just reminding me of the deep ocean. now however, when i reached the water level of one of my favourite childhood games again, i started panicking horribly and actually started seeing things that werent there. i am trying to push myself to face my fears, because i dont want to get this any worse than it already did because of how i was running from it. its not easy, but even a little bit of improvment every time gets me to my goal
Tasty Spread
Tasty Spread Pred 8 dnevi
It would be hilarious if whilst they were confronting her she was just eating the spinning chair and the mom slapped it out of her hand, so she ate it of the ground
Sam Jones
Sam Jones Pred 8 dnevi
that nord vpn plug was so smooth i didnt even realise he started talking about it until like 10 seconds in
Frito Pred 8 dnevi
what if they peed in their bed 0-0
AlmightyTaexX Pred 8 dnevi
U mean available 🚪🚶🏾‍♂️
AlmightyTaexX Pred 8 dnevi
I agree with u Tae it was bothering me 🦙
Tazty Pred 8 dnevi
My eyes: ew mattresses My mind: mhm cake
tengku faradeena
tengku faradeena Pred 8 dnevi
How come she’s eating mattress and getting big body? Is the mattress change become fat in her body?
Gacha month 2.0
Gacha month 2.0 Pred 8 dnevi
Sponge cakes has left the chat
Kad3n SnaiL
Kad3n SnaiL Pred 9 dnevi
That moment when you eat your mattress. We've all been there.
Twister86 Pred 9 dnevi
You know she can start eat Blue Congo Potato french fries (they are blue) or double fun potato (blue and white) or sweet potatoes (orange and red), without having to color the french fries.
Truth_is_the _new_hate
To be fair it looks like she's addicted to eating in general.
Dat Stranger
Dat Stranger Pred 9 dnevi
crying, over a blue fry
Therrible Productions
I got a mattress ad on this video, lol.
Mujahid Pred 9 dnevi
The reason why I'm dead is because i used up my life. That's why u bought an another one.
Heichou Levi
Heichou Levi Pred 9 dnevi
Katja O.H.
Katja O.H. Pred 9 dnevi
Eating my lunch to this was a mistake
n013ody's channel
n013ody's channel Pred 10 dnevi
"Observing and making observations" Yes, the floor is made out of floor.
Dylans playlst
Dylans playlst Pred 10 dnevi
PewDiePie is the best youtuber he is so funny OMG 😆😆😆
leah morrill
leah morrill Pred 10 dnevi
She going to be eating her children’s mattresses
Demonic SaberZ
Demonic SaberZ Pred 10 dnevi
How do you even bite it? Is it not like soacked? Won't the acids that digest the food get sucked?
Demonic SaberZ
Demonic SaberZ Pred 10 dnevi
I'm sorry what?
Keon Moore
Keon Moore Pred 10 dnevi
Mathilda Hansen
Mathilda Hansen Pred 10 dnevi
I actually had iron deficiency so i kinda get it when they say something, that shouldn't taste good, tastes good. I wasn't really addicted but I loved eating ice and could eat like 5-10 big glasses of ice per day, depending if it was a weekday or weekend. Now if I try to eat it doesn't taste like anything and is really hard to chew like I did before
Elson Alquiza
Elson Alquiza Pred 10 dnevi
Well she is what she eats
Kirill Danilov
Kirill Danilov Pred 10 dnevi
woah, the fries lady has strong ocd
Kasyn Proffitt
Kasyn Proffitt Pred 11 dnevi
She doing mattresses she got 8 bed sized kilos take her to jail she gonna go through mattress withdrawals!🤣
Mizuo_riN Pred 11 dnevi
" Woman addicted to eating sand " **Wilbur Soot Flashbacks**
Colin Brannon
Colin Brannon Pred 11 dnevi
mattress addiction lady: gross french fry lady tries new food: brave lady
Fire Breathing Moon Beam
As someone who is really picky I understand where she is coming from. Just switching brands can make me dislike a food I really like. They should have asked someone picky on how to try new foods. She needed to have a 'safe' food to eat. Put the safe food to the side then try other type of fries. For example, some that are baked instead of fried, seasoning, different shapes like a waffle fry, ect. That way she know she can just try it and still eat something she likes.
Fire Breathing Moon Beam
A deep fried carrot would be so gross. 🤢
Fire Breathing Moon Beam
A great way to find out if it's medical is to cover her eyes and tell her she is eating fries she made.
Keanu Confer
Keanu Confer Pred 11 dnevi
PewDiePie can be my mattress 🥱
Fire Breathing Moon Beam
The texture sounds awful
M Rich
M Rich Pred 11 dnevi
She looks like she turning into a mattress
the running man
the running man Pred 11 dnevi
I shouldn't have eaten while watching this
Dominik Zeiner
Dominik Zeiner Pred 11 dnevi
Imagine her peeing in the bed and then eating the matress...
princeminato Pred 11 dnevi
Reminds me of that one ed edd and eddy episode lol
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