The World Strongest Family... 

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19. mar. 2021

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the mean beean
the mean beean Pred 2 urami
sus Pred 4 urami
my guys been beaten by cocomelon finally
JC Pred 3 urami
Jassmeet Ghotra
Jassmeet Ghotra Pred 8 urami
Bro I’m stronger than that boy but I’m 7 year I have 100 days practice
Nils Müller
Nils Müller Pred 11 urami
This family is pure environmental pollution
Regular Channel
Regular Channel Pred 16 urami
TROYSVT Pred 18 urami
Yo Dylan can lift 130 lb while me and my cousin can lift 150 lb ps I'm 12 and my cousin is 11
Sambathmony Pred 19 urami
Yasha Tovah
Yasha Tovah Pred dnevom
this is much more normal and wholesome than the average TLC video. this family actually seems very friendly
Tabth The Cat 3778
Tabth The Cat 3778 Pred dnevom
*When their dog is stronger than me*
GameGrinder Pred dnevom
Did anybody realise that that girl is using lures for earings
Prps Pred dnevom
quantity over quality he said but he a word switcher
Pj Fardell
Pj Fardell Pred dnevom
You can barely pick up a crumb
Kenneth De Wever
Kenneth De Wever Pred 2 dnevi
He is so strong he is losing his hair is one punch man reference
Mckyle A.
Mckyle A. Pred 2 dnevi
110million subs but can't do a single pushup
Max Thompson
Max Thompson Pred 2 dnevi
Just saying the dead lifting he did was two 5kgs plus like another 5kgs for the bar for the little boy
Blood God666
Blood God666 Pred 3 dnevi
This lure kid is the ultimate chad let’s be honest
Hollyj8 t
Hollyj8 t Pred 3 dnevi
Sub for cookie
dean Pred 3 dnevi
i can't even lift the bar wtf
UmiGawd _
UmiGawd _ Pred 3 dnevi
Me: i collect rocks, i have maybe 150 rocks TLC: yes. Quality content
kypt0450 kypt0450
kypt0450 kypt0450 Pred 3 dnevi
Me: just watching the dogs
Matthew Hensley
Matthew Hensley Pred 3 dnevi
Wym he has to eat that much he is still fat I mean he definitely doesn't need that muc
"240 hours each WEEK"
Joshy VLOGS Pred 3 dnevi
he strong, but he wont be T A L L
Sascha Charles
Sascha Charles Pred 3 dnevi
Up to 240 hours a week bruh what there aren’t even that many
mindtrip142 Pred 3 dnevi
Sometimes I’m just like what the fuck is this kid saying
anthony lochrico
anthony lochrico Pred 3 dnevi
is there even 240 hours in a week 1:35
nath6062 nath6062
nath6062 nath6062 Pred 3 dnevi
Imagine putting an addition on your house for your sons fishing lure collection 😂
nath6062 nath6062
nath6062 nath6062 Pred 3 dnevi
Who didn’t collect all their energy drink cans tho
Robert III Danner
Robert III Danner Pred 4 dnevi
From what most strong man eat like 30,000 calories
Golden Heart
Golden Heart Pred 4 dnevi
Botond Hetyey
Botond Hetyey Pred 4 dnevi
When the girl said "I collect fishing lures, but mine are pink", I bursted out laughing, keep going gal, you got your priorities straight, damn.
Optical Pred 4 dnevi
Narrator: One slip and nick could easily break his spine Felix: I don't care
Parker Loushine
Parker Loushine Pred 4 dnevi
have fun having busted arms kids
Shadowking PA
Shadowking PA Pred 4 dnevi
Does he still remember he’s song bitch lasagna
Amrit rai
Amrit rai Pred 4 dnevi
ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ
Prajjval Dalal
Prajjval Dalal Pred 4 dnevi
Did someone notice his recommendation
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez Pred 4 dnevi
felix react to the spy ninjas plz
Azia Nichole
Azia Nichole Pred 4 dnevi
I use to collect the Arizona Tea cans. I was 18. Not sure why I did it lmao
Steven Smith
Steven Smith Pred 5 dnevi
Started not minding it.. but after watching 15 mins of it I think this family's got issues.
Jenna Colman
Jenna Colman Pred 5 dnevi
i am a boy
Jenna Colman
Jenna Colman Pred 5 dnevi
I’m very strong too I’m stronger then these guys thay are weak
Ethan Doherty
Ethan Doherty Pred 5 dnevi
Did anyone else hear that they train 240 hours each week cause that’s bs
ItWasJohn Pred 5 dnevi
Bro, Dylan can say his sister can beat up your Dad omg...
TheDPro Pred 5 dnevi
This video was so wholesome. Really made my day :)
changed my name cause why not
When the smallest is stronger than you at her age
Eli Willgub
Eli Willgub Pred 6 dnevi
I swear I’m stronker than everyone
Optical Pred 6 dnevi
Gaining weight is really hard for me but losing weight is simple and I really don't like it
Ethan Javier
Ethan Javier Pred 6 dnevi
How the fuck long do they sleep
Innovation Rockers
Innovation Rockers Pred 6 dnevi
The fact that his shirt says "No Legs Gang", and the video has not completed even a minute, and we can see his 2 legs all fit and fine. Is he really Pewdiepie, or has Felix killed and taken his position.
James Pred 6 dnevi
im 12 and i can deadlift 215 pounds 11 year old dylan aint shii
Know it All
Know it All Pred 6 dnevi
1:35 says they train for 240 hrs every week. 1 week has 7 days and each day has 24 hrs and that makes 168 hrs sooooo.....
Pj Fardell
Pj Fardell Pred 6 dnevi
Kid Henderson
BUSHCRAFT GR Pred 6 dnevi
lexboy :D
lexboy :D Pred 6 dnevi
i thought the dad's name was boulder
NevadaUnicorns Pred 7 dnevi
What about da pink baits???
meghan petchado
meghan petchado Pred 7 dnevi
I'm the strongest girl in the planet
Nathanplays Xboxone
Nathanplays Xboxone Pred 7 dnevi
There aren’t 240 hours in a week lmao he says 240 a week on exercising
Oogalee Boogalee
Oogalee Boogalee Pred 7 dnevi
Memes keep me alive.
Riley's stuff
Riley's stuff Pred 7 dnevi
Obsessions and addictions are the same thing
Souples Pred 7 dnevi
11:50 “quantity over quality” lol i think that came out wrong
mrskristin28 Pred 7 dnevi
Be kit friendly
mrskristin28 Pred 7 dnevi
Be kit f
Izer Lim
Izer Lim Pred 8 dnevi
Hahaha i like that edger is simping the other dog
Eddie Fredericks
Eddie Fredericks Pred 8 dnevi
1500 calories a day is normal, for me at least
TimsTools YT
TimsTools YT Pred 8 dnevi
How many subs can I get from this comment.
Pickle_juice 172
Pickle_juice 172 Pred 8 dnevi
240 hours a week.... fact check this please
Rayyan Tigharavala
Rayyan Tigharavala Pred 8 dnevi
I hate you pewdiepie
VuckkoooØp Pred 8 dnevi
Why bro
Hilda Svensson
Hilda Svensson Pred 8 dnevi
kan du prata svenska inte för va elak du är cool
nolan young
nolan young Pred 9 dnevi
i feel you on the energy drinks i have a sonic the hedgehog energy drink can i have a mega man one and a star wars one
Anonymous 309
Anonymous 309 Pred 9 dnevi
It is not as hard as you think to move a car
CrownOfEyes Pred 9 dnevi
Joker Pred 9 dnevi
1:34 "... up to 240 hours each week." I dont care what the complete sentence was but I am 100% sure there's 12 days in a week and if my Math is right, Id be asian.
GODGAMER26 Pred 9 dnevi
Mr. Price
Mr. Price Pred 10 dnevi
Pink lures=pinklers.
Mr. Price
Mr. Price Pred 10 dnevi
He kept calling the lures..loo-ures.😂👌
Mr. Price
Mr. Price Pred 10 dnevi
They were spelunking at the gym....damn lunkers.😬
Eduardo gallegos
Eduardo gallegos Pred 10 dnevi
me trying to fight this boy The first punch of that strong boy I’m already in a coma for 10 years
Kuba Wielogorski
Kuba Wielogorski Pred 10 dnevi
I think its all fake, I swear
Banana Jam
Banana Jam Pred 10 dnevi
So sweet seeing pewds being so touched AH MY HEART💖
sutej som
sutej som Pred 10 dnevi
I hate pewds and all the Christians in the world
Seba Salih
Seba Salih Pred 10 dnevi
Why does nick look like the rock
DaN Pred 10 dnevi
Just imagine if they rewatch that in the future
The girl with the pink lures was soooo adorable!
Matt Dana
Matt Dana Pred 10 dnevi
17:14 LMFAO
leah morrill
leah morrill Pred 10 dnevi
Hey I drink coffe and I’m 10
Marlon JR Fabellon
Marlon JR Fabellon Pred 10 dnevi
ok if he got kiced out a gym because hes too strong how about the strongest man in the world not one of the strongest BUT THE REAL REAL!!!!! STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD HA GYMS
Mouse Grave
Mouse Grave Pred 10 dnevi
Pewds acts so gay sometimes lol
LETTUCE lord Pred 11 dnevi
The fishing lures was wholesome
mr. TIM
mr. TIM Pred 11 dnevi
“And it’s Pink” Pewds:🤣🤣🤣
Dylans playlst
Dylans playlst Pred 11 dnevi
Why is Dylan drinking coffee when 11
Dab The Gaming Pilot
Dab The Gaming Pilot Pred 11 dnevi
240 hours a week? Last time I checked 240 (hours) ÷ 24 (hours in a day) =10 (days in a week). Though there's 7...
Samantha Jackman
Samantha Jackman Pred 11 dnevi
The granny was 50 of the actual thing
Ravioli Ravioli
Ravioli Ravioli Pred 11 dnevi
Agree or not this is still super good for living
Samuel Ogunmike
Samuel Ogunmike Pred 11 dnevi
My sister could beat up your dad
Sephxys Pred 11 dnevi
*d o g w a t e r*
shumayl hussein
shumayl hussein Pred 11 dnevi
I hate you bully
Is that corpse but animated
SiCapp Pred 11 dnevi
Alternative title. "Strongest family in the world, then I watch random tlc vids"
pro at minecraft dude
pro at minecraft dude Pred 12 dnevi
I'm stronger than that family what what do you mean I'm like stronger like way stronger than those those f******
pro at minecraft dude
pro at minecraft dude Pred 12 dnevi
How could a 5-year-old do that stop freaking stop
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