I'm Done With Minecraft Now.. 

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18. mar. 2021

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Ŷeti Pred dnevom
Rizky Abidzan
Rizky Abidzan Pred 2 dnevi
so you done? ok- but done is not you, you are pewds
Anshul Radder
Anshul Radder Pred 3 dnevi
The government enforces another lockdown Everyone- 17:35
DIE FF Pred 3 dnevi
This guy has slow movement in minecraft but i believe he can defeat dream
Maybe Turtle
Maybe Turtle Pred 4 dnevi
“ you can’t craft end rods “ 🤦‍♂️
Mr Beast
Mr Beast Pred 5 dnevi
Please don't stop
Liam Beredo
Liam Beredo Pred 5 dnevi
Did he just called the brewing stand enchantment table 😂
hit Thini
hit Thini Pred 6 dnevi
KingTrolexPH Pred 6 dnevi
Eyyyy pewds
Daniel AllanWest Grespor
Hey pewds I think you should visit Sven his hungry
beingatliberty Pred 9 dnevi
Initially pewdiepie didn't get why people played minecraft, now he understands it. and yup the soundscape in the nether is not for little kids ;)
Tenletters 48
Tenletters 48 Pred 9 dnevi
Wait is he actually going to stop
August_ZE_dumlump fortnite playah
last objective: wait for a new update
Roza Indriyani
Roza Indriyani Pred 9 dnevi
17:33 made me laugh so hard for 1 minute
Alex Diggs
Alex Diggs Pred 9 dnevi
zero deaths
Erica & Felipe P
Erica & Felipe P Pred 10 dnevi
Pewds cupica minecraft games faves tho
Kash Moose
Kash Moose Pred 10 dnevi
Play more Minecraft plz
BLUE pheanix
BLUE pheanix Pred 10 dnevi
U can craft them
Tyrese Keyter
Tyrese Keyter Pred 10 dnevi
Wholesome Af
noahbigcool Pred 12 dnevi
i rewatched this whole series just like an anime but i never rawatched an anime :(
Aryan Hajibashi
Aryan Hajibashi Pred 12 dnevi
13:56 Sorry What?
Simeon Kay
Simeon Kay Pred 12 dnevi
I cryed
pengsuiii Pred 12 dnevi
rip my ears i was wearing headphones
ShadeNow Pred 13 dnevi
Cocomelon has more subs than u
ELISHA VIJOY Pred 12 dnevi
:( But Still Pewds got 110 million subs But Pewdiepie did say the Coco meme has ended....
Stavex Pred 13 dnevi
How is his mic quality still shit
Charley Kim
Charley Kim Pred 13 dnevi
minecraft first largest house build
Shylar Young
Shylar Young Pred 13 dnevi
Raid? Pls?
Duncan Mackinlay
Duncan Mackinlay Pred 14 dnevi
I still haven’t even seen him die even once in any of his games. Even from many years ago. Mans is becoming a dark souls boss
Zarif Reza
Zarif Reza Pred 14 dnevi
Can anyone tell me what is this music 21:00
Rashad Khuduzade
Rashad Khuduzade Pred 14 dnevi
Vishnu Priya
Vishnu Priya Pred 14 dnevi
And the cave and cliffe
Vishnu Priya
Vishnu Priya Pred 14 dnevi
Do every achevements
cup bros
cup bros Pred 15 dnevi
lightning fucked them 17:58
S-tier Bacon
S-tier Bacon Pred 15 dnevi
And ever since then mojang created the lightning rod that prevents the pain pewds went threw
Junex Gil
Junex Gil Pred 15 dnevi
philza died to a baby zombie
Sabrina Curry
Sabrina Curry Pred 16 dnevi
Dantdm died rip for hard core
Shadow Pred 16 dnevi
Minecraft god gang
GHOST GAMING Pred 16 dnevi
Even he got sven it's absolute he will never end
Shadow Pred 17 dnevi
you can just craft endrods with blazerod and popped chorus fruit by the way you get popped chorus fruit when you smelt chorusfruit
Pau Ramírez
Pau Ramírez Pred 17 dnevi
Men I need a tutorial for the house
Hursh Gupta
Hursh Gupta Pred 17 dnevi
Pewds: I'm Done With Minecraft Now... Mojang: Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update Released. Pewds: Good Morning Gamers!!
Biljana Vujaklija
Biljana Vujaklija Pred 17 dnevi
do not say what the he ll
Not_fortnite xd YT
Not_fortnite xd YT Pred 17 dnevi
Nooooo keep playing it
PlasmaPlayz Pred 18 dnevi
Donkey is the man
Amalia Aziz
Amalia Aziz Pred 18 dnevi
yo... I was sad reading the title and hoped it was false but watching him flying while showing his temple, with the background music.. this is kind of a satisfying ending. brofist
SwitchBlade3217-MCPE Pred 19 dnevi
Anyone please leave the link to the video where he made his cool anime base??
shapwrecc Pred 19 dnevi
You can craft end rods with blaze rods and chorus fruits...
TheHotToast Pred 20 dnevi
The William Afton of Minecraft.
MrSarin7771 Pred 20 dnevi
Mr.beaat and PewDiePie are the best yt
Lunar _
Lunar _ Pred 20 dnevi
the fact that almost all villagers became withces is incredibly funny
David Dishman
David Dishman Pred 21 dnevom
We love you pewds
David Dishman
David Dishman Pred 21 dnevom
Wait so is he done done or just this world
Jan Yamaken
Jan Yamaken Pred 22 dnevi
Me: hi crush can you hang out wit...... My crush: 17:35
Ramziyya Ahmed
Ramziyya Ahmed Pred 22 dnevi
He will be back Minecraft is nonstop
Ramziyya Ahmed
Ramziyya Ahmed Pred 22 dnevi
Did you know when having the feather falling effect you can go up with the elytra Ps love your mansion (nether mansion)
Marwan Mohamed
Marwan Mohamed Pred 23 dnevi
17:35 my mom:is there a goat in the house!!!!!
OAFPARIWAT The Chosen One's
is so BAD:(
FelixBG playz
FelixBG playz Pred 23 dnevi
18:00 cringe 😬
Billy Judd
Billy Judd Pred 23 dnevi
Was Chikita Bonita one of the witches you killed Felix?
Connor Cozart
Connor Cozart Pred 24 dnevi
17:34: Wanna hear the most annoying noise in the world?
Mitch Pred 24 dnevi
Pewdiepie: I’m done with minecraft *1 month later* Pewdiepie: my Minecraft addiction needs to be stopped!
Jamie Biggadike
Jamie Biggadike Pred 24 dnevi
You could put shroom lights under the water
Матвей Варянов
Shereena Sajith
Shereena Sajith Pred 25 dnevi
make more plz
Shereena Sajith
Shereena Sajith Pred 25 dnevi
IgetITnowLOL Pred 25 dnevi
(brewing stand showed up infront of pewds) Pewds: :o Enchanting Table!
Sᴛᴏᴘ ɪᴛ
Sᴛᴏᴘ ɪᴛ Pred 26 dnevi
loud = funny
Bruno Olivaes
Bruno Olivaes Pred 26 dnevi
react to a video from the maicon kuster channel
__Prasenjit_Datta__ Pred 26 dnevi
You are playing minecraft hardcore???
Kyle Capasso
Kyle Capasso Pred 26 dnevi
Kyle Capasso
Kyle Capasso Pred 26 dnevi
Floppa Pred 26 dnevi
Man we salute to this legend we protect him from hate and danger
Gussy Craigey
Gussy Craigey Pred 26 dnevi
Take the fucken shaders off
Godly Shadow
Godly Shadow Pred 26 dnevi
U can craft end rods with blaze rod and popped Chorus fruit.
s s
s s Pred 27 dnevi
13:55 enchantment table! :0
NotEclipz Pred 27 dnevi
Pewds: *has a mental breakdown because of his villagers* 20 seconds later: I love this minecraft world
Haseenathul Bhaheeral
Haseenathul Bhaheeral Pred 27 dnevi
No way hes gonna end cuz hes pewdiepie
jokerXalpha Pred 27 dnevi
Wait u got netherite before an elytra xD
Carol Nalda
Carol Nalda Pred 27 dnevi
add a publick Comments
Escher Seo
Escher Seo Pred 27 dnevi
Can we just talk about how he didn't craft a single smoker the entire game?
Ninja x poke
Ninja x poke Pred 28 dnevi
how fo you build this
Gabriel ML
Gabriel ML Pred 28 dnevi
i watched this vid in 4am i the morning and the no scream throwed my frickin phonr
muhammed inzamam
muhammed inzamam Pred 28 dnevi
Liam Fredgren
Liam Fredgren Pred 28 dnevi
Kan du bara prata svenska i en video
Jaxson Pred 29 dnevi
Im trying to play minecraft in real life not sure how it’s going
Cyrus Pred 29 dnevi
Hope one day my gameplay will be recognised
Riley S
Riley S Pred 29 dnevi
Pewds: I can’t think of anything that would excite me anymore “suffering from success” Also pewds: 15:12
Chance Briggs
Chance Briggs Pred 29 dnevi
I’ll be the one to say it but we thumbs down this video not because we didn’t like it but because you stop the series..
Gloveman Pred 29 dnevi
Legit, the best Minecraft Series. Thanks Pewds :)
NO ! Game is finished after all achievements r over
Jocke Pred mesecem
Beautiful ending, salute
Possessed Hoodie
Possessed Hoodie Pred mesecem
Where Sven?
COD Pred mesecem
His reaction to the villager turning into a witch had me dying
Leonel Eduardo Suazo Montalvan
Wait what happened tp pzzzz The bee 🐝
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo Pred mesecem
I am not crying, YOU ARE!!!
MintyDrago Pred mesecem
13:55 brewing stand .-.
IT'S Wes 2.0
IT'S Wes 2.0 Pred mesecem
I love how felix has full netherite armor and stuff and still surprised by a knockback || daimond sword😂😂😂😂
when will you continue your minecraft letz play?
Please Subscribe me
Please Subscribe me Pred mesecem
Minecraft 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Krizel Velasquez
Krizel Velasquez Pred mesecem
pweds annoyed me in 17:35 cringe
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