Tik Tok is Cringe 

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13. apr. 2021

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El Mantishrimp
El Mantishrimp Pred 2 urami
I get more enjoyment put of the comment sections in tiktok than the videos themselves
JokerTricks34 Pred 4 urami
I don't have that mark on my arm, guess I'm made in China
Jakarii Eason
Jakarii Eason Pred 5 urami
The curious transaction gully trot because believe remarkably waste after a magnificent hobbies. lame, unique trowel
AHK Gaming Official
AHK Gaming Official Pred 6 urami
Honestly i love Karl
snapie boi
snapie boi Pred 7 urami
educational channel owner, the most educating thing is when he throws the katana at his feet
tyra lagerberg
tyra lagerberg Pred 8 urami
karl's got pewds to protect him from the haters with his samurai sword now
Solo Hybr1d
Solo Hybr1d Pred 8 urami
People die when they are killed
giorgi shengelaia
giorgi shengelaia Pred 8 urami
Editing in this video is very nice.
Daniel OwO
Daniel OwO Pred 9 urami
I has a mole at that spot on my right arm 😂 not on the left. Maybe I'm SSR
Cinoz Pred 10 urami
5:43 Thats definitely from Facebook
Izzah Shahril
Izzah Shahril Pred 12 urami
the mole thnik hahahahhahah
Super intense Minecraft player
I'm surprised death note wasn't in that girl's 10/10 list. it would for me
Berry Smartpants
Berry Smartpants Pred 13 urami
9:53 ... ye i tweeted him not to be sad... i expect to see tousends more to come.. XDDD RAID NINJAS TWEETER! XDD
CodeOfAllTrades Pred 16 urami
Ok what's the deal with this dang freckle!? Why do most all of us have it? Anyone know the real reason? Lol
Yaudah Iya
Yaudah Iya Pred 19 urami
Mantap pudidi
Status Pred 21 uro
Love from India
Aj Palencia
Aj Palencia Pred dnevom
Don’t like this comment unless ur pewdiepie
Izaiah Stonehocker
Izaiah Stonehocker Pred dnevom
I have a freckle there to 🤯
Anna Pred dnevom
pewds your fyp is so dry omg
Gabriel A. Ramos Rainone
What flcl poster is that? 🤔🤔 low key awesome
maemi Pred dnevom
How he have never seen terror in resonance!??
i am a person
i am a person Pred dnevom
hey erased desreves that 10/10
Cydrew Games
Cydrew Games Pred 13 urami
And I'll rate it a 7/10
Dani Foxx
Dani Foxx Pred dnevom
But I’m a girl... I have freckle just above👀
Pixility Pred dnevom
10:40 No... Not Coca Cola cherry GOD NO
Ernesto Ojeda
Ernesto Ojeda Pred dnevom
The floor is made out of floor
Jimmy Pred dnevom
Why did he lose 15M sub I am sad
HeyBusters Pred dnevom
When you realize you have the mole on your arm in the same place everyone else has it
Sah Bobson
Sah Bobson Pred dnevom
i got that fuckin freckle too... what the fuck
Jason Bates
Jason Bates Pred dnevom
The Hoover Dam one made me die inside. "I dont care what nerdy architect stuff goes into that, its physically impossible" like what
Sophie Robertson-Titus
"what're you gona do with that alcohol david?" LMAOOO
Trimzy FN
Trimzy FN Pred dnevom
U wear cat ears why tf are u talking
Lucifer. Pred dnevom
Lars Lionheart
Lars Lionheart Pred dnevom
I actually have the fucking freckle too Fuck I can’t believe we were all artificial humans this entire time
Fyckshit SPYDA
Fyckshit SPYDA Pred dnevom
Best thing about the dam vid is he said “idc what nerdy stuff u have to say how do you build this” so an explanation u don’t care about the answer to your question
Sis meme ganG
Sis meme ganG Pred dnevom
"We al live in a simulation and Elon Musk has created it" -Poods, 2021
JetonΔΕΛΤΑ Pred dnevom
Everyone here is a judgemental fuck, let kids have fun jeez
zIMFUGL Pred dnevom
Virtual World, srsly that reaction was f hilarious man.. Made my day, shoutout from Nårge mannen
JC CRUZ Pred dnevom
"Tik tok is cringe" thats why over 110M ppl is subbed to him
Sofia Gaspar
Sofia Gaspar Pred 2 dnevi
when he realizes he has the same dot on his arm edit: me realizing that i have the same dot and im a girl, hmmmm
SophieSteph Pred 2 dnevi
I’m spose to be doing my hw but I can’t stop watching pewdie pie
Rich S
Rich S Pred 2 dnevi
My respect for Pew went up after watching this
Hazy Pred 2 dnevi
10:56 my respect just went up for you by alot :D
Aditi Utekar
Aditi Utekar Pred 2 dnevi
that forehead oily as sheeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttt
Kaila _girl307
Kaila _girl307 Pred 3 dnevi
😂 this is the quality I needed to see today
Georg S.
Georg S. Pred 3 dnevi
„Tiktok is cringe“ „At night it‘s colder than outside“
Sunny Dand
Sunny Dand Pred 3 dnevi
T - Series
Chaotic Pred 3 dnevi
i can excuse boku no pico but which mfer above the age of 13 gives zankyou no terror a 10
Chaotic Pred 3 dnevi
gave it a 9 but i was 14 when it came out, and the older i got the worse it seems compared to other things
EnzoPlayz YT
EnzoPlayz YT Pred 3 dnevi
Let’s see how many subs I can get from from this comment Current subs: 46
Skunkman69 Pred 3 dnevi
0. A comment won't get you shit
dayumbro Pred 3 dnevi
Since the word cringe has been discovered, he uses it a lot.... Is cringe his favorite word or what? Xd
Edrian Cruz
Edrian Cruz Pred 3 dnevi
Pewdiepie looks a drug addict
•Kawaii Rina•
•Kawaii Rina• Pred 3 dnevi
I'm female and I have that mole on my arm too 😳
Jessica Draper
Jessica Draper Pred 3 dnevi
beavers been doin the dam since before the Dam. Damn.
boing boing
boing boing Pred 3 dnevi
dont be ad ninya
Tirta Bali Official
Tirta Bali Official Pred 3 dnevi
Hi Guys Thank You For Support My Channel God Bless You
Slushie Pred 3 dnevi
7:01 is it just me but i also have this. And i am a boy. Does every male have this, please tell me
Skudler Pred 3 dnevi
karl protection here
Carla McGath
Carla McGath Pred 4 dnevi
I have the freckle!!!!!!
Octavio Rangel
Octavio Rangel Pred 4 dnevi
The Hoover dam was poured with concrete slowly in small sections
Bla Bla
Bla Bla Pred 4 dnevi
Elixstar Pred 4 dnevi
I live in an apartment where my roommates and I All have google homes so when you said “okay google “ my house became possessed by a google demon XD
gianino pattipeilohy
14:00 this wouldnt work even if time travel existed
J o h n y
J o h n y Pred 4 dnevi
Why didnt the girl just put jojos bizzare adventure in the list maaaan
Shan E Ali
Shan E Ali Pred 4 dnevi
I went 2 hours......
Book of Rhymes
Book of Rhymes Pred 4 dnevi
ever since i started watching you I am getting chinese ads on youtube and else where. explain that.
sargu mudo
sargu mudo Pred 4 dnevi
Kiarny Hopkins
Kiarny Hopkins Pred 4 dnevi
Apple, apple, apple.........Me
ディンダChan Pred 4 dnevi
Hello Pudidi😏
xAmbie N
xAmbie N Pred 4 dnevi
I'm a girl and I have a freckle there too wth 😳
Gen 50
Gen 50 Pred 5 dnevi
Tik Tok is cancer BTW
Randomly Relatable
Randomly Relatable Pred 5 dnevi
Pewdiepie becoming a weabo with that katana
Randomly Relatable
Randomly Relatable Pred 5 dnevi
Avatar Singh
Avatar Singh Pred 5 dnevi
Keep it up bro and love from India
Dudaymin Pred 5 dnevi
Dog reaction is epic 😂😂
septian gunardi
septian gunardi Pred 5 dnevi
indian tiktok would kill you felix,just warn you.
Chicken Bisquit
Chicken Bisquit Pred 5 dnevi
K have that freckle too 0:
Mustacheman Pred 5 dnevi
Karl is the best thing ever happened mrbeast
lil'artist Pred 5 dnevi
I dont know why but I love when felix didnt know what $0.45 was😂❤❤ the way he said I dont know what that iss🥺
Reji M. Philip
Reji M. Philip Pred 5 dnevi
Me reads title:u know it now pewds?
Mahfuj Evan
Mahfuj Evan Pred 5 dnevi
Apple Apple Apple Cat
By Wariaus
By Wariaus Pred 5 dnevi
I love this meme
Swagger nautilus
Swagger nautilus Pred 5 dnevi
The freckle thing is kinda weird tbh
Yasiru Shaashadara
Yasiru Shaashadara Pred 5 dnevi
Adrian Pred 5 dnevi
tik tok is cringe .-.
Hairshard Pred 5 dnevi
Ok, but did you know DanTDM has SLtv?
Shahinul Islam
Shahinul Islam Pred 6 dnevi
*always has been*
Aleczander Lee
Aleczander Lee Pred 6 dnevi
Cringe the reason I don’t date white girls or install tik tok
Rando Mando
Rando Mando Pred 6 dnevi
7:09- jokes on you, I don’t have a freckle there (This comments is worse than some of the Tik toks in that video)
BoyZ on a Couch
BoyZ on a Couch Pred 6 dnevi
so you're saying when i drove over the hover dam i was floating... epic
nut nut
nut nut Pred 6 dnevi
Agree with that title
Bisma Naz
Bisma Naz Pred 6 dnevi
His bye-bye in the end of the video was kind of innocent lol lol
David Jaison
David Jaison Pred 6 dnevi
This looks like a virtual world 🤣
Metrix099 Pred 6 dnevi
Jordan Pred 6 dnevi
7:10 got me sus as i have one there too. eh eh
Rizaldi Ichal
Rizaldi Ichal Pred 6 dnevi
Semangat selalu
Global_loser 1
Global_loser 1 Pred 6 dnevi
This is the I have the freckle button
Reeve Fernandes
Reeve Fernandes Pred 6 dnevi
I finally know what to do while I stutter during a fight
hope mabao
hope mabao Pred 6 dnevi
Jazz Fall
Jazz Fall Pred 6 dnevi
Wait till you get rickrolled in tiktok
Unluckiest People Caught in 4K
I Found The Greatest Tik Tok
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