Tik Tok Isnt Funny YLYL (I didnt laugh) 

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24. mar. 2021

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Berry Smartpants
Berry Smartpants Pred 13 urami
dude.. i would loose my mind watching so many tik's.... fuq tik's..
Portal kang
Portal kang Pred 15 urami
God: strikes the man Man: gets walking God: stay down bitch
Zonelay Pred dnevom
7:47 elite four poppin
Adishree Mishra
Adishree Mishra Pred dnevom
OMGGG I thought my earphones were ruined again for the 100000000th time
Tim Rimer
Tim Rimer Pred dnevom
Funny tiktoks get banned
Mirasol Madridejos
Mirasol Madridejos Pred 2 dnevi
Jack has a hold on to a seagull ahhahahhaha that was so hillarious😂😂😂😂
Satisfying  Tracing and sketch
1:48 When you don't have dexterity but your strength is maxed out
caelyn Pred 3 dnevi
This was so cute
PS Castle
PS Castle Pred 4 dnevi
Piwdipie is getting lame
Prinempal Pred 5 dnevi
zero deaths! i mean zero strikes, whatever, gj felix.
Tina Morris
Tina Morris Pred 7 dnevi
The howling made my dog howl, doesn't count
Mike Bircher
Mike Bircher Pred 8 dnevi
100% sure that full court 3 pointer was at my grade school. I recognized it immediately.
POOM GAMING Pred 8 dnevi
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker Pred 9 dnevi
Felix: Laughs in almost every video. Felix on 20th video with 2 strikes: "That was cute, that doesn't count"
Barr Bizarre
Barr Bizarre Pred 9 dnevi
when i thought i couldn't respect Felix even more, he hates tiktok
Ephell James
Ephell James Pred 9 dnevi
Pewds:didn't laugh Bearly one minute in laughs uncontrollably
Samuel Ogunmike
Samuel Ogunmike Pred 10 dnevi
Sometimes nature is like fuck you in particular.
Alone Zerry
Alone Zerry Pred 10 dnevi
0:43 actually its a prank the guy getting bitten is also part of it they made it look like so people would wear mask..
Zury Puebla
Zury Puebla Pred 10 dnevi
this section is back?
Anthony Carrera
Anthony Carrera Pred 11 dnevi
Speaking of the basketball vid, did y’all know while filming the season 1 Basketball episode of The Office they made Steve Carell pretend to play badly? He was making so many shots B.T.S and even in the bloopers there’s one where Steve makes a shot from across the room!
mypetis CERBEROS
mypetis CERBEROS Pred 11 dnevi
Watching ticktock clips was mindfuck
Stephen Calhoun
Stephen Calhoun Pred 13 dnevi
all tik tok videos are completely scripted including the people in the background they're "Pranking". completely bullshit.
Vocanimeify Pred 13 dnevi
This is literally me looking at SLtv stories which is basically just tik tok on SLtv. Wheres the funny??? 1 hour later, wheres the funny????
N I C E Pred 14 dnevi
The admins of life: /smite
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez Pred 16 dnevi
We should definitely subscribe for more subscribers to you. 😂
Hezekiah Rodriguez
Hezekiah Rodriguez Pred 16 dnevi
4:27 - I wonder what happened to the audio there.
Mick Dootson
Mick Dootson Pred 16 dnevi
Man calls the cat ' you little castard'
Mick Dootson
Mick Dootson Pred 16 dnevi
I feel your Tik-Tok pain everyone......... tiktok release, public goes crazy at this incredible app that makes your ugly face into someone who tests botox for a living, dnt get me started on the female singers lip-syncing and they dont know the words ffs, TIKTOK WE HAVE BEEN THROUGH THE BIGGEST PANDEMIC IN HISTORY, WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER ONE MADE UP OF X-FACTOR WANNABE'S
aZa Pred 16 dnevi
it pisses me so damn much off, that all these people cant wear their frickin masks *OVER THEIR NOSE*! How is that SO hard?!
jhay jhay eclera
jhay jhay eclera Pred 17 dnevi
LoL :
TJ Makes
TJ Makes Pred 17 dnevi
The comedic timing in that dropped the leash clip is just primo... also, wonderful editing Sive, well done man 🙌🏻
Suchismita Shil
Suchismita Shil Pred 17 dnevi
Felix's parents- He's about to tell his first word! Felix- Ge- Get outta here
OS3R DOSTO Pred 17 dnevi
0:38 look at the Girl 👃
Logic Skateboarding
Logic Skateboarding Pred 18 dnevi
4:26 I thought my audio went out
Logic Skateboarding
Logic Skateboarding Pred 17 dnevi
@Putri Arianti Probably
Putri Arianti
Putri Arianti Pred 17 dnevi
maybe because it’s copyrighted music?
Candace Pred 18 dnevi
TikToks just aren't funny.
Micah Mathai
Micah Mathai Pred 18 dnevi
Anything Literally anything Pewdiepie: ahahahaha, that’s so cute 🙂 Shut up that didn’t count as a laugh
Scythecraft Pred 19 dnevi
Jacks got it down, I love murdering seagulls
「!FꙆᥱBTW」 Pred 19 dnevi
birdaha böyle giriş yapma aslan
William Bateman
William Bateman Pred 19 dnevi
U just get bad tiktoks
Enrique Santiago
Enrique Santiago Pred 19 dnevi
pewss laughing for the 69420 time: that doesnt count because it was funny
Jichuu Pred 19 dnevi
Violence isn’t the answer.......... It’s the solution.
Megan7899 Pred 19 dnevi
This is literally TikTok in a nutshell, you have to keep going through so many bad ones just to get a few seconds of funny ones.
Metal_Medusa Pred 19 dnevi
At 4.41 why was there no sound
MythicL Pred 19 dnevi
4:27 audio is wild
Ethereal Dweller
Ethereal Dweller Pred 20 dnevi
MISTER GAMES Pred 20 dnevi
Sploit Pred 20 dnevi
Felix: “I didnt laugh” Still Felix: 0:20
Lilith Sucky
Lilith Sucky Pred 20 dnevi
Does sound just stop at 4:27 for anyone else?
Manya Agrawal
Manya Agrawal Pred 20 dnevi
Title:Tik tok isn't funny(I didn't laugh) In the vid; felix laughing every 2 min
Slade jr Kane
Slade jr Kane Pred 20 dnevi
I like how Felix says he's watching TikTok but proceeds to watch redit memes witch are actually good.
Your Average Shitposter
Both of them is good
sean Moralde
sean Moralde Pred 21 dnevom
The bird chirp tho so cute
elchipoclevengador Pred 21 dnevom
the guy hit by lightning twice, i think he was covering himself from the rain with a metal container of some sort... during a thunderstorm
Magical surprise
Magical surprise Pred 21 dnevom
Finally someone i agree with!
Scooberman Pred 21 dnevom
“If it’s true and I laugh I doesn’t count” pewdiepie 2021
devin 009
devin 009 Pred 21 dnevom
The dog yowling the siren is me when the scooter hits my ankle
Mola Dola
Mola Dola Pred 21 dnevom
Pewds:I didn`t laugh Also pewds: (laughs on every single video)
Soggy Cereal
Soggy Cereal Pred 21 dnevom
hey that first tiktok with the ted talk was pretty funny
PRanxter is Gaming
PRanxter is Gaming Pred 21 dnevom
Lightning was definitely fake
yuri vibar
yuri vibar Pred 21 dnevom
Plot twist the man struck by lightning twice IS now faster than the flash XDDDD
Hannah Walker
Hannah Walker Pred 21 dnevom
The Swedes have such a hard time with random humor LOL
Hannah Walker
Hannah Walker Pred 21 dnevom
I love relatable memes
ReeeRaptor Pred 22 dnevi
I think where he went wrong with the tik toks is that he watched youtube compilations of tik tok, there never funny
brain Pred 22 dnevi
Some tik toks are pretty funny
TwT Pred 22 dnevi
that lightning woke up and chose violence
Juan Carlos Rivera
Juan Carlos Rivera Pred 22 dnevi
That video with the guard beating up the dude for not wearing a mask and scaring the others, Is my favorite video on the internet right now 😂 (Yes I know the video is fake and the guard and the guy are in on it)
ambrož zven
ambrož zven Pred 22 dnevi
The Evilive Show
The Evilive Show Pred 22 dnevi
same energy dark jokes. and dont want to see some pretend jokes 🤜🤛
Anonymous Guy
Anonymous Guy Pred 22 dnevi
ok bye
Anonymous Guy
Anonymous Guy Pred 22 dnevi
David Goucher
David Goucher Pred 22 dnevi
awhh you dropped your teeth cat: ima be eating good tonight
Captain HuggyFace
Captain HuggyFace Pred 22 dnevi
4:32 wh-wh-wh-why is he muted there
Zeazoll Gaming
Zeazoll Gaming Pred 22 dnevi
3:05 i like the Dog siren part
Grass Blocker
Grass Blocker Pred 23 dnevi
Bro the animal ones are just cringey like bruh come on
Asa catkin
Asa catkin Pred 23 dnevi
best intro ever
IOwnASpoon Pred 23 dnevi
Pewdiepie: it doesn’t count if it’s funny
The first Gamer
The first Gamer Pred 23 dnevi
it takes pewds a moment to process whenever jack is in a clip
Sarvesh Uchale
Sarvesh Uchale Pred 23 dnevi
Plz react to indian tik tok
No Name
No Name Pred 21 dnevom
lol indian tiktok are cringe
Ocean Man
Ocean Man Pred 23 dnevi
Rules: **Exist** Pewdiepie: “Reality can be whatever I want it to be”
Grzegorz Brzęczyszykiewicz
0:17 when i heard: maska đe je i know it will be funny
Small Time YT
Small Time YT Pred 24 dnevi
foolish kai
foolish kai Pred 24 dnevi
Skrottuh doo flora doo
Call Me Corn
Call Me Corn Pred 24 dnevi
Tik toks gave me literal brain tumors.
C HE C Pred 24 dnevi
I failed at 4:58
Dr Bladerz
Dr Bladerz Pred 24 dnevi
7:05 just a reminder for me
chubs dubs
chubs dubs Pred 24 dnevi
first clip is sad af bro
Ezra Brewer
Ezra Brewer Pred 25 dnevi
Kidnoob Pred 25 dnevi
Search nosyoutiktok
Maile Sierra
Maile Sierra Pred 25 dnevi
Corona2020 Pred 25 dnevi
PewDiePie saying "(i didnt laugh)" in title but still laughing in thumbnail
suCcpreme memes
suCcpreme memes Pred 25 dnevi
i don’t think that’s jack
I'm A Fan
I'm A Fan Pred 25 dnevi
For real, *Tiktok isn't funny.*
aimohsin Pred 25 dnevi
Pewdiepies forehead shines like the sun in minecraft with shaders
Bruno Olivaes
Bruno Olivaes Pred 26 dnevi
react to a video from the maicon kuster channel
Benjamin Cho
Benjamin Cho Pred 26 dnevi
Pewdiepie removed his audio and smile so that people can't realize he laughed
HASTE YT Pred 26 dnevi
The whole vid was just big forehead pewds
Cold Flames
Cold Flames Pred 26 dnevi
I I I wasn't able to hear in middle
Wiliams Adam
Wiliams Adam Pred 26 dnevi
When i see tiktok : Haha.. "funny" (Cringe)
Maria M
Maria M Pred 26 dnevi
Dr. Prism
Dr. Prism Pred 27 dnevi
9:20 god be like: *STAY DOWN*
Scrubnut The III
Scrubnut The III Pred 27 dnevi
there isn’t a single clip he didn’t laugh at lmao
Nedaa Rabei
Nedaa Rabei Pred 27 dnevi
Tik Tok is Cringe
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