Try Not Laugh, But Loser has to Sing *ft Jackepticeye 

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27. apr. 2021

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DUDRUSH powerforce
"thanks Sive, your a real Jeep"
scrappydoofan Pred 2 urami
I love the collaaaaaaaaabs!!!
Stephen Dias
Stephen Dias Pred 5 urami
Felix sucks at this game, he thinks about something related that is funny and thus laughs.
T Duiker
T Duiker Pred 7 urami
Goddamn copyright ingringement. Now i cant hear pewds sing ...
not god z
not god z Pred 16 urami
Ksi vs pweds Ksi: hahahahahahaahah
trav v
trav v Pred 19 urami
The original The Mummy is a great film though.
Anonymous Pred 19 urami
bruhh, copyright is annoying!!!
Jekyll Nelligan
Jekyll Nelligan Pred 23 urami
If I had three wishes, elemental powers, flying, and probably to be consistently healthy
-_SHARK_ -
-_SHARK_ - Pred dnevom
Everyone when Jack looses and doesn't sing an Irish tap dancing song
• AR • Productions
Okay that was a fucking lame end to the video
BrokenGlass Pred dnevom
well that was anti-climactic
Sutan Fariz Azizie
Sutan Fariz Azizie Pred dnevom
This entire video is a rickroll
LordCucumber Pred dnevom
cool waited 20 minutes for silence, i want my money back
LordCucumber Pred dnevom
markiplier collab when?
Nima Amini
Nima Amini Pred dnevom
Old friends
Kraft Bouyardee
Kraft Bouyardee Pred dnevom
Me rewinding it like 3 times to see if my phone was broke when the copy write hit
Maybe I am Nano?
Maybe I am Nano? Pred dnevom
Shower one seems legit.
Sarthak sharma
Sarthak sharma Pred 2 dnevi
YT Copyright got me scammed
Erif The fox
Erif The fox Pred 2 dnevi
The husk by ring of saturn
Nathan Mayne
Nathan Mayne Pred 2 dnevi
Wait... sives black?🤔 My man
Crazmoon 2099
Crazmoon 2099 Pred 2 dnevi
2:21 The perfect time to pause
Pedro Nunes
Pedro Nunes Pred 2 dnevi
Peace Serafino
Peace Serafino Pred 2 dnevi
I like how they're pretending the reason they muted it was because of copyright strikes 🤔😂 jk
Vegito Blue
Vegito Blue Pred 2 dnevi
Raina Terhujah
Raina Terhujah Pred 2 dnevi
I don't shower to
adam harmouch
adam harmouch Pred 2 dnevi
6:50 wait Jack has a baby?
nicolas hoskins
nicolas hoskins Pred 2 dnevi
you just see sean dancing to felix singing
Arash-is-busy Pred 2 dnevi
guy dont use this subreddit its like cringe store
The_confused_triangle _
You coward cut the adio!
Ricky Trader
Ricky Trader Pred 2 dnevi
Me seeing it before he cut the music: Also me: How could you done this to floor gang
Thunder Strike
Thunder Strike Pred 2 dnevi
man youtube is just rude theyre having fun singin in muted one
Zippity Zoop
Zippity Zoop Pred 2 dnevi
We all got to just imagine their voices
nicolás sáez
nicolás sáez Pred 2 dnevi
mute on
meiting ly
meiting ly Pred 3 dnevi
what's the point *sing? ;-;
Rainbow Note
Rainbow Note Pred 3 dnevi
7:50 *its the worm*
JayDaPug Pug
JayDaPug Pug Pred 3 dnevi
I never knew pewdiepie was worse at try not to laugh then jack and he makes meme time!!!
Suryansh thakur
Suryansh thakur Pred 3 dnevi
Pewds just upload a separate video of you singing and Jack vibin please
FrankNsteinGtr Pred 3 dnevi
Pewdiepie I am here to write a review of this video. The video was enticing it was mesmerizing and seeing you and jack's energy was amazing. Sive and his editing really tied it together. I was disappointed to see you cut out the ending of audio. So I shall leave this a bad review on yelp. Say good bye to your high yelp score.
Sharfin Islam
Sharfin Islam Pred 3 dnevi
I felt like I was watching a party from the window when Felix started singing
no Pred 3 dnevi
Why are his lips as red as mars?
YaboiAngel Pred 3 dnevi
They really got copyrighted that’s why it’s silent at the end xD
Sara Ganim
Sara Ganim Pred 3 dnevi
Good PewDiePie 👍👍👍👍😍😍🌹
Creation Specialist
Creation Specialist Pred 3 dnevi
thats how you make americans proud nothing like flames and a shit ton of gas ,
Prinempal Pred 3 dnevi
cant hear music? whaaaaaaat?!
Lady Dimitrescu
Lady Dimitrescu Pred 3 dnevi
Hi Felix and jack
Alex Robinson
Alex Robinson Pred 3 dnevi
i feel scammed i better see you singing that with sound somewhere soon buddy, or mark my words i shall break a spoon
gacha Mick:hd
gacha Mick:hd Pred 3 dnevi
Basically one of the two reasons I watched this was to ✨ H E A R✨ one sing welp-
Hree Pred 3 dnevi
Play dont starve together with jack or ken :D
Shreyas Suresh Kadaiah
Pewds did us dirty 😭
Ian Combs
Ian Combs Pred 3 dnevi
1998 Mummy is dope
Joog_blue _god
Joog_blue _god Pred 3 dnevi
Best youtubers/friends
LayzMan Pred 4 dnevi
Türk yokmu qu
Danilo F.
Danilo F. Pred 4 dnevi
13:04 I've never though that a video from my country would appear in a video of pewds.
Forget Pred 4 dnevi
What's the name of the track at 16:17 ?
KING Vincent Arch Craven XIII
Since when did they start muting Never gonna give you up? That’s messed up, I get copywriter rules but the internet is responsible for bringing that song back. I have been noticing the song being used more in mainstream media. So I wonder if that why? And if it’s the singer or the company that owns the song.
Seren Loves cats
Seren Loves cats Pred 4 dnevi
I would've had him sing bitch lasonia
B W Pred 4 dnevi
16:48 that’s just how them woodpeckers be, Jack
yadda yadda yadda
yadda yadda yadda Pred 4 dnevi
The Mummy is a good movie
Death KillR091
Death KillR091 Pred 4 dnevi
Jack be like: IM chopin' wood baby chopin' wood
Datch7035 Pred 4 dnevi
110 million subs: barely 5% watch the videos
Nat Wanna Play
Nat Wanna Play Pred 4 dnevi
21:12 " Ask to be copyright fr--- " Good job
Arihanth Sivakumar
Arihanth Sivakumar Pred 4 dnevi
Muted the copyright part
jemen jover
jemen jover Pred 4 dnevi
Perfectly cut scream lyly please with jacky
Judgernaut Pred 4 dnevi
Could have replaced the audio in the song with like nails on chalkboard or a kid crying
Vaimoana Smith
Vaimoana Smith Pred 4 dnevi
full on muted the whole song...i feel cheated
Arkay Swami
Arkay Swami Pred 4 dnevi
I just noticed PewDiePie chins sooooo big
Nicki Jackson
Nicki Jackson Pred 4 dnevi
what was the name of the song? it looks like fun to listen to.
Erin Yell
Erin Yell Pred 5 dnevi
The cat at 17:30 looks kinda like Jennifer Lawrence!!
Kiribaku nsfwandsfw
Kiribaku nsfwandsfw Pred 5 dnevi
Why did I just watch this video waiting for the ending but I couldn’t here them sing... this sucks
jbug Pred 5 dnevi
see i would just wish to be deadpool or at least have his powers and abilities.
Emma Jackson
Emma Jackson Pred 5 dnevi
all i want to know is if sive got the raise
Cunning Fox
Cunning Fox Pred 5 dnevi
Fuck youtube. We actually need to get youtube to fix their shit. They go after Felix for everything it’s so annoying. Screw youtube for this. It was fine a few days ago and now they copystriked it. Freaking imbeciles.
estefany louie
estefany louie Pred 5 dnevi
*mutely twerks*
Pro Conrad
Pro Conrad Pred 5 dnevi
Did you give sive a raise
S C Pred 5 dnevi
Woodpeckers peck metal objects mainly to attract mates and claim territory, they aren’t just being idiots looking for food.
Not Story Time
Not Story Time Pred 5 dnevi
Watch pewds singing on jacks channel
UN1QU3YT Pred 5 dnevi
lillylove austin
lillylove austin Pred 5 dnevi
A wood pecker would peck at my window and woke me up every morning
kid Pred 5 dnevi
19:34 this was a turkish language joke if you read elonmask in turkish you sound like "æ lon musk" (æ is basically the "a" in the word "that" if you dont know)
Dot Pred 5 dnevi
F for the people who dont get to hear pewds sing never gonna give you up
QuailFare Pred 4 dnevi
thank u
Sunnie Yan
Sunnie Yan Pred 5 dnevi
21:12 :(
Dorota Figura
Dorota Figura Pred 5 dnevi
Kex Kex Kex Kex Kex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EvasionBOB Pred 5 dnevi
Seen on Open sea NFT PewDiePie punk for 350k $ LOL U history now
MyanmarGamer 64
MyanmarGamer 64 Pred 5 dnevi
Pewdiepie and jack Singing Have a good time.
Balázs Kiss
Balázs Kiss Pred 5 dnevi
Sausage Sanga
Sausage Sanga Pred 5 dnevi
red and black are my schools colours have i been recruited?
Trashbag Pred 5 dnevi
14:51 :O my family
Casey Masey
Casey Masey Pred 5 dnevi
6:33 the first thing that came to mind when the kid was looking at the guy on his phone was ‘you got games on yo phone’
king kazma
king kazma Pred 5 dnevi
I am a ginni I don't come knocking u come rubbing😏
Last Breath
Last Breath Pred 5 dnevi
1st silent Rick roll. You son of a biscuit.
Disabs Pred 6 dnevi
why they gotta do that to us
Alliyah dove
Alliyah dove Pred 6 dnevi
Pewds,jack,ken = Four year olds wow 😌
Steven Dennison
Steven Dennison Pred 6 dnevi
Haha Felix think Ikea so funny haha
Dedrick Nafarrati
Dedrick Nafarrati Pred 6 dnevi
That was cheatiiiiiiiiing
Sira Skovgaard
Sira Skovgaard Pred 6 dnevi
The ikea furniture one had me so hard 😳 i guess its just funny for smart people? 😂 Like... I dont understand whats so hard? Ive put together a lot of furniture that needed 3 people... Theyre easy to do alone? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Aaron Richards
Aaron Richards Pred 6 dnevi
Sive please edit yourself in more i loved that 😅
FoxyDaIdiot Series XD
A person: 😴 A dog:👀
Sebastian Yanes
Sebastian Yanes Pred 6 dnevi
Un saludo pa Sive.
the running man
the running man Pred 6 dnevi
I can't believe we got sive-rolled
Eman Pred 6 dnevi
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