Hillbilly Cheapskate Is The Worst Kind.... 

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8. apr. 2021

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voodoomamajuju Pred 2 urami
okay but if these kids are actually living like this, how on earth has CPS not been called???
kamuno77 Pred 7 urami
i actually think its really sweet that both Felix and Ken have cat ear headsets
The Animefairy Play's
At what point does this become child abuse. She has the means but refuses to do it.... I just don't understand... we need to make a go fund me for the teen to be able to take a shower
Naerwyn Pred 9 urami
Genuinely hard to watch....
Silvia Pastore
Silvia Pastore Pred 10 urami
13:19 cmon wtf look how many bluray .-.
Kristina Robinson Vlogs
Shit in the shower, I would of hit the woods up first lmao godamn did you wash it down after. That mustve been challenging 😳
mzuleger Pred 13 urami
What if it's all lies.
Anung Un Rama
Anung Un Rama Pred 14 urami
I watch these for tips for college
Patrik Lénárt
Patrik Lénárt Pred 16 urami
Why are people like this allowed to have kids? I sincerely hope the kids are saved from this insanity.
Gracie Byrd
Gracie Byrd Pred 22 urami
The electric at my house is 185 and the water is 100 like because we have a insulated house and we don’t take 40 minutes showers
Gracie Byrd
Gracie Byrd Pred 22 urami
If I was in the family I would tell the cops they stole me and are torturing me
Putz327 Pred dnevom
They probably kept the diaper on the baby so whatever was in the water wouldn't get into/latch onto the private parts.... kinda smart actually... Though the diaper absorbing it wouldn't be great.
Stephen Knight
Stephen Knight Pred dnevom
Why one bath a day for all of them just rotate it so you don’t bathe every day wtf
Hannah Norton-Barker
as proof of how cheap furniture can be, we won 2 leather reclining sofas through a £1 raffle ticket
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga Pred dnevom
I wonder hard what do they do with this aaalll saved money?!?!?!?!?!?111one
Dane Elliott
Dane Elliott Pred dnevom
Run Brandon run!!!
MC Pickaxe
MC Pickaxe Pred 2 dnevi
squirrel meat is fire
Airsoft McMuffin
Airsoft McMuffin Pred 2 dnevi
“My asshole has already made up its mind”
Jasmine Pred 2 dnevi
7:05 subbing for the story
Able Pred 2 dnevi
What are they actually saving money for? They literally won't spend a cent no matter what the scenario is
blackhawk65589 Pred 2 dnevi
Pewds, these are kinfolk, hillbillies, hoopies!!! They do everything backwards
Msplats Pred 2 dnevi
he looks like jacksepticeye with his hair like that
DaVoid369 Pred 2 dnevi
You know that news paper doesn’t clean them all the way which means they get the rest in the water they all share
rosie yap
rosie yap Pred 2 dnevi
That poor boy, he can't wait his 18 so he could leave that house......
Sofia Bredice
Sofia Bredice Pred 2 dnevi
The difference between kens camera and pewds camera LMAO
colemanbailey97 Pred 2 dnevi
Need a shower? Go to a state park. It's usually ten bucks but I mean, how will they know?
Coldizy _
Coldizy _ Pred 2 dnevi
Imagine him going to school smelling like that?! Dude he’s going to get made fun of
The Sterling Family
The Sterling Family Pred 2 dnevi
Stop pausing the vid so many times.. PLEASE!!!
Kawaii Urvee
Kawaii Urvee Pred 2 dnevi
The devil works hard but this lady works harder.
Shayla Nicole
Shayla Nicole Pred 2 dnevi
Isnt not using your whole house technically being wasteful
Hayley Barradas
Hayley Barradas Pred 2 dnevi
Electric is so expensive in Australia I have a 5 bedroom house and my last bill was $1600
Haru Doné
Haru Doné Pred 2 dnevi
Honestly this family is living like they did back in the old west days. To keep food good you'd basically bury it, especially right before winter hit. A tub of water was practically a luxury and the usual order of things would be the father gets in first, then it goes wife, eldest, middle, youngest, and then baby. I really don't understand why they choose to live like this. I mean people did this stuff back in the day in order to survive. Plus the one question I always have when it comes to people like this is what are they saving all this money for? If they aren't willing to buy basic things like soap and use the lights once in a while then I doubt they'd be buying a bunch of fancy stuff, so then what are they spending all that savings on? Like why have this savings if you don't use it?
blue Pred 2 dnevi
Christina Pred 3 dnevi
My washer & dryer costed $1600, best $1600 I’ve spent 💀
Yyoo, it’s DOM !!
Yyoo, it’s DOM !! Pred 3 dnevi
Pewds, WTF?!? 🤣 🤣 😂
ipadguavas Pred 3 dnevi
Thanks pewds, I'll go and bleach my brain
Yan Terahn
Yan Terahn Pred 3 dnevi
So like, what's the point in the money then? Why have money, just to save it?.. can't take it with you. Atleast the sons will get a decent inheritance
Doodlebug Pred 3 dnevi
When I heard her say she doesn't buy toilet paper, my mind immediately jumped back to the brown bathwater. That explains it.
Natalie James
Natalie James Pred 3 dnevi
Imagine being grounded for using water 👁👄👁
Justin Horton
Justin Horton Pred 3 dnevi
WTF???? I WAS getting ready to eat lunch......
Louis Tabalno
Louis Tabalno Pred 3 dnevi
Their meat is literally a ground beef
Yaay Heyyy
Yaay Heyyy Pred 3 dnevi
if u decide to have this kind of life, pls don't drag your kids in it. or don't start a family. u do it alone.
emily tonkin
emily tonkin Pred 3 dnevi
as a hillbilly I dont claim her
Gojira Pred 3 dnevi
I cant survive this much laughter
Ananya Garg
Ananya Garg Pred 3 dnevi
horror game house irl:
J S Pred 3 dnevi
It reminds the Baker family in RE7...
mahima venugopal
mahima venugopal Pred 3 dnevi
First tub scene is identical to the one in gummo.
Dr_Fourkk_ PhD
Dr_Fourkk_ PhD Pred 3 dnevi
I think what irritates me most is the fact that all these things that supposedly save money end up just wasting time which is way more important than money.
Daniel OwO
Daniel OwO Pred 4 dnevi
This is even worse than the resident Evil locations 😂
Luc Hollaar
Luc Hollaar Pred 4 dnevi
Why save al that money and you are not using it
Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem
Frog legs are a delicacy but not like this...
Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem
Just use fucking sunlight!
Jobey ORourke
Jobey ORourke Pred 4 dnevi
Please tell me her secret stash is fresh.... please lord.
Gg Gg
Gg Gg Pred 4 dnevi
Uses newsletter for toilet paper *Uses same bath*
chloe farrell1999
chloe farrell1999 Pred 4 dnevi
I hope she takes Brandon with her😅
Szymon Hudy
Szymon Hudy Pred 4 dnevi
Pewds! I was eating!
Octavio Rangel
Octavio Rangel Pred 4 dnevi
Bacteria starts forming after 22 degrees Fahrenheit
El Quinto Viernes Azul
The Music Man
The Music Man Pred 5 dnevi
26:07 Nonononono that woman is a crazy girl she does not represent the country side 😂😂😂
Timmy The Turtle
Timmy The Turtle Pred 5 dnevi
6:00 someone needs to animate this storytime😂
Adam Teplitz
Adam Teplitz Pred 5 dnevi
I have become so grateful from what I have after watching this
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson Pred 5 dnevi
What do they do with all that saved money if they don’t even pay for anything!?
nobody Pred 5 dnevi
meanwhile me living in the philippines: you guys bath in hot water?? wonder what that feels like
simulationDisruptor Pred 5 dnevi
my parents used newspapers for toilet paper like that when they lived in the Soviet Union. This woman is insane
AmiHusky Pred 5 dnevi
but for what? i don’t understand the reason why they save their money, she never acknowledged the reasoning. the last family with no furniture saves money for property but here? what’s the point I DON’T UNDERSTAND
Daniel Diaz
Daniel Diaz Pred 5 dnevi
Pewds you and Ken should react to operation repo
Ethan Doherty
Ethan Doherty Pred 5 dnevi
I would sue if they were my parents
Nick Serrano
Nick Serrano Pred 5 dnevi
RE7: Biohazard (A Day in the Life)
BMoney8600 Pred 5 dnevi
How are these parents not in prison for child abuse?!
Joseph Ruko
Joseph Ruko Pred 5 dnevi
Lmaoooo I was at that party
Zoë Turner
Zoë Turner Pred 5 dnevi
frida österlund
frida österlund Pred 5 dnevi
My question is, Wtf Are They gonna use the money They saved for!?
The Biskee Boyz
The Biskee Boyz Pred 5 dnevi
They don’t brush their teeth
The Biskee Boyz
The Biskee Boyz Pred 5 dnevi
What is in the back round cans
MaddCat Pred 5 dnevi
Our entire 2 bed 1 bath house could fit twice in the room the Ken is recording in, with tvs, gaming consoles, and near constant a/c running almost all day, so how tf is Ken's electric bill the same as ours? XD $200 is way cheaper than I was expecting lol
kelsey eidman
kelsey eidman Pred 5 dnevi
ew was he bathing in a fucking septic tank!?!
kelsey eidman
kelsey eidman Pred 5 dnevi
these are the worst kind
Royal Reigns,'33
Royal Reigns,'33 Pred 6 dnevi
I'm not gonna lie I misread the title bas Hillbilly Cheesecake.
Thomas Dore
Thomas Dore Pred 6 dnevi
Bruh this lady is living in the Weasley house
Sassy KP
Sassy KP Pred 6 dnevi
My step dad made us take a bath one after another with the same water there where 4 of us. Our water never looked like that but I still felt nasty.
Optical Pred 6 dnevi
And once brandon grew up he was never seen by his parents again
skooka Pred 6 dnevi
this is just re7 all over again
Foraging Beetle
Foraging Beetle Pred 6 dnevi
That woman can get a portal washer and dryer. You can get them from Amazon or Wish. Even walmart has it online to order. The portal machine is designed to use much less water and electricity. You can also take it with you anywhere.
Ghost Pred 6 dnevi
So what do they spend their money on?
Michelle Poitras
Michelle Poitras Pred 6 dnevi
Valeria Cristiano
Valeria Cristiano Pred 6 dnevi
Felix and Ken videos have to be one of my favorite series
Reno Fox
Reno Fox Pred 6 dnevi
Looks like these people would crumple their toilet magazines before use because they can't afford to wipe with regular paper. The stinky bath is a perfect example of how this isn't about saving money anymore, as a shower would be both cheaper AND more efficient. And blocking all the windows? Do they heat their house in summer, or is it just that tormenting themselves makes them FEEL like they're saving something?
Brenna Peel
Brenna Peel Pred 6 dnevi
Me: *trying to eat* Felix: goes into detail about pooping in the shower
dogma_ Pred 6 dnevi
Ring ring ring, CPS, CPS? Is that you at the phone?
Keli Isert
Keli Isert Pred 6 dnevi
Why can't they go to the dollar store.
Samantha Dagenais
Samantha Dagenais Pred 6 dnevi
She’s okay with spending money on probably fast food but not for toilet paper :). Not trying to shame anyone but her and her son ain’t the smallest ppl.
Flippers. Pred 6 dnevi
Richard Noggin
Richard Noggin Pred 7 dnevi
That's what they got the shine for. Your take a sip of it before you chisel your cavity off.
Adrian Mejia
Adrian Mejia Pred 7 dnevi
$200 per month Felix: that's pretty cheap
Akshaya R
Akshaya R Pred 7 dnevi
It’s cool to save money and all but when u save on LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE THING then what are u spending all the saved money on? Then what is the point of saving it
ugur ozgumus
ugur ozgumus Pred 7 dnevi
17:51 𝘤 𝘦 𝘭 𝘴 𝘪 𝘶 𝘴 𝘱 𝘭 𝘦 𝘢 𝘴 𝘦
The Isaksen Legend
The Isaksen Legend Pred 7 dnevi
Snusar du?
Promet00 Pred 7 dnevi
Must to be second part of that
Cybercrits Pred 7 dnevi
i think i would rather eat the matress than the "dumplings"
Rachel Edger
Rachel Edger Pred 7 dnevi
Why the hell r they brining them poor kids back there she had to live threw this why put ur kids thrw that to
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