Before your eyes -- A game that changes when you blink 

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Before you eyes download: store.steampowered.com/app/1082430/Before_Your_Eyes/
Before Your Eyes is a first person narrative adventure which tells the story of a soulโ€™s journey into the afterlife using a new and innovative form of interaction-your real-life blinks.
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16. apr. 2021

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GoodbyeWorld Games
GoodbyeWorld Games Pred 26 dnevi
Developers here! It's been amazing to see the reaction here in the comments. We are so touched by all of your responses. If you were moved, please still consider buying or gifting the game on Steam or Epic! It's $10 and contributes to us being able to make more games like this one.
Velkavelk Pred 2 dnevi
Your game was super worth $10! Thanks for making it!
Icecreambone Pred 2 dnevi
I cam definitely relate to this game based on how i almost died of pneumonia
Hmm_m Pred 20 dnevi
What a great game
Something Random52
Something Random52 Pred 20 dnevi
I watched the stream and I want this game so badly. I think you did an excellent job developing it and itโ€™s incredibly well made. I love the story of it and the art style is nice as well. Look forward to playing this soon!
G Pred 18 minutami
I'm not crying, my eyes are just sweaty
Samantha Marie
Samantha Marie Pred 50 minutami
Don't know if I'm reading too far into things, but I feel like the game also explores the idea that your afterlife is whatever you want it to be. Something about Ben's story being the one that the guide is telling. Also I feel like him with the guide might be at the same time as his death, if that makes sense . Like he's seeing the light as he's going with his guide, and the game is that little like 30 second period before you die where you see your whole life flash before your eyes. Idk, just some thoughts
Inertia Sucks
Inertia Sucks Pred uro
ive never been so frustrated watching something in my life
Faith Pred 2 urami
i wasnโ€™t expecting it to take that turn. i lost my father when he was too young. not like losing a child but he went too soon and this just hit home. i know that in heaven he knows he lived a full life and influenced so many people. heโ€™s exactly where he needs to be.
Holly Owens
Holly Owens Pred 2 urami
That was so sad
cha cha real smooth
cha cha real smooth Pred 4 urami
as someone with a not-always-the-best relationship with my mom this kinda hit hard and i cried many many times lol
Maria Dizzie
Maria Dizzie Pred 4 urami
danm, this made me cry
Aria Oliv
Aria Oliv Pred 5 urami
Leviathandk Pred 6 urami
Man.... the abreviation for the title is BYE :o
Dreiku Pred 7 urami
Jack needs to play this game..
no u
no u Pred 7 urami
this game should be made into a movie
Abby White
Abby White Pred 10 urami
Well I didnโ€™t want to cry today but here we are
Txic Day
Txic Day Pred 10 urami
First Stream i watched for the whole time this was so emotional i didnt cry but it did give me goosebumps and a little change of heart.
Thomas Dupont
Thomas Dupont Pred 11 urami
Damned pewds seems fucking suicidal in this video. Time to stop bruh and divorce...
JoseLRodriguez Pred 11 urami
Did anybody notice at the store he writes the first time his version on the typewriter is the exact same story the boatwolf practices.
Sunset-mosaic Pred 12 urami
im a master at not blinking.... *blinks*
The Tryhard games
The Tryhard games Pred 14 urami
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Gramps Pred 15 urami
This game reminded me of my mother who passed a couple months ago. I just want to thank you for this. It was amazing and it helped me realise sheโ€™s at peace she was really ill in the hospital. Thank you very much honestly!!!!!
KurlyKookie Pred 16 urami
lately its been really hard for me to cry due to the medication for my anxiety, but this has unclogged all the emotional build up of the past couple months. i wasnt able to cry properly for the death of my childhood dog a few weeks ago so getting it all out now and actually feeling sadness is odly comforting. i just wish i couldve got it out sooner...
strike star
strike star Pred 16 urami
is this game from 1930? cause its giving me "The Great Depression"
Dodo Pepe
Dodo Pepe Pred 18 urami
Holy damn this was fun to watch
Lazy Squid
Lazy Squid Pred 20 urami
Kinda upset at how Chloe was before even seeing him. Like how could you tell someone they were faking an illness like that. Like she sorta apologize but I would be crushed if my closest friend thought I was faking just because I didnโ€™t tell her immediately
B. McAllister
B. McAllister Pred 20 urami
Okay so this is going to be a weird comment but the mom saying how she couldn't breathe really messed me up. My mom had heart failure and a few nights before she passed away a year ago on March 1st 2020, I had to call 911 because she couldn't breathe. But instead of saying she couldn't breathe like the mom in the game did, my mom was screaming it in panic as every breath became more shallow. That hit me like a fucking train. I never really got to mourn her properly because of the pandemic, moving and just one thing after the other. And a week before her death, one of two of my 20 year old cats died. Sitting here quietly crying in my brothers living room. His cat came to me because i guess he sensed my pain. I too have been sick as a kid and my entire adult life. So this game is a trip for me. Eerily similar to my life in some ways.
Pudge Chan
Pudge Chan Pred dnevom
This was something I needed. I cried my eyes out for couple of times
Leonard G
Leonard G Pred dnevom
imagine speedrunners blinking like they have eye problems
T1D Jess
T1D Jess Pred dnevom
okay im slow and confused.. when the parents said "why is he smiling like that, he must be in a happy place" or what ever they said, when was that said ? did they say that after he died or when he was sleeping orrrr?
arty katykat
arty katykat Pred dnevom
Well that caught me off gaurd, didnt expect to be sobbing tonight
Frosty. Pred dnevom
pretty cool idea, i was kinda hoping it was gonna be a horror game though (great story either way)
Kirxas Pred dnevom
I know itโ€™s not a terminal illness, and that Iโ€™ve survived it long enough to not really be a kid anymore, but this hits way too close to home with my depression. Maybe it really is ok that it cannot be cured, I still got to make a few peopleโ€™s lives a bit better for a while, right?
Zartash Sandhu
Zartash Sandhu Pred dnevom
"Name a character who's gone through more pain than her, i'll wait" Me: Ernie the cat
Alexis Todosciuk
Alexis Todosciuk Pred dnevom
The agave takes 12 years to die and give birth to a beautiful tree :โ€™) Also I wondered why the handprint pictures stopped at 12 on the fridge. Not even two minutes into this video I stopped, bought the game, and played it through so as not to spoil anything. Watching it back Iโ€™m picking up on so many different things!
kittykatmai Pred dnevom
the plant living for around 11 years at the beginning was our clue :')
DK GAMES Pred dnevom
This game broke me into tears, truly made me rethink my life, 10/10 for sure. I've never cried this hard in my life.
Mel X
Mel X Pred dnevom
Died laughing when he opened the box to reveal the cat
hello_world Pred dnevom
Ami Mes
Ami Mes Pred dnevom
you are the best youtuber i ever seen
dragonball super
dragonball super Pred dnevom
Malachai Davidson
Malachai Davidson Pred dnevom
Notice at the beginning of the game she says that in 11 years the agave plant will die to give birth to a great tree. And you see a bunch of those trees outside the boat near the end
Omerta Pred dnevom
couldnt cut that minute and 40 seconds of coming soon lol
bear Pred dnevom
This fucking hurt.
Tui Te Rupe DxE
Tui Te Rupe DxE Pred 2 dnevi
PERFECTION. Cryin even
TeehEe 420
TeehEe 420 Pred 2 dnevi
This was such a beautiful game, I was crying uncontrollably by the end omg
Samantha Townsend
Samantha Townsend Pred 2 dnevi
I cried so hard at the end
Hotfries Pred 2 dnevi
Blinking auto pilot is off *error* *error* recalibrate , your eyes are getting dry.
Firman Firdaus
Firman Firdaus Pred 2 dnevi
im so fucking mad, about the camera angle.
Emilyy Pred 2 dnevi
I recently was in my first art expo as a designer and this made me feel some type of way. I guess I donโ€™t realize how my creativity develops, but this game really made me think
KayyArkham Pred 2 dnevi
Is anyone else now blinking as many times as he is๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Beatriz Caetano
Beatriz Caetano Pred 2 dnevi
I'm not crying, you are!
Plutonium-239 Pred 2 dnevi
They should have used this mechanic for SCP-173 in SCP Containment Breach and SCP Unity.
Keyonie Griffith
Keyonie Griffith Pred 2 dnevi
I wish I could like this video several times :')
Rosethz Pred 2 dnevi
This game: don't blink Blackpink fans: am I a joke to you
'B'efore 'Y'our 'E'yes 'BYE' maybe this was the last message which his mother wanted to say to him
RubyDot Pred 2 dnevi
All I know is pain
Little Shy Blue
Little Shy Blue Pred 2 dnevi
Ernie's return made me bawl my eyes out T.T
John Charitidis
John Charitidis Pred 2 dnevi
26:10 Pewds: Ernieeee... HERNIA!(?)
John Charitidis
John Charitidis Pred 2 dnevi
20 minutes in the video and i already know I'm gonna be crying A LOT torwards the end
Riddhi Prasad
Riddhi Prasad Pred 2 dnevi
25:24 โ€œmy sinuses would be eternally indebtedโ€ could anyone be kind enough to explain this sentence I canโ€™t understand what it means
Julian Najera
Julian Najera Pred 2 dnevi
Sinuses is basically your nose and the back where mucus comes from. She meant that her nose would forever be runny since she appears to sneeze a lot because sheโ€™s allergic to cats.
anjing omnivora
anjing omnivora Pred 2 dnevi
1:34:22 damn this game at least should put warning to open your eyes. I laughed so hard.
anjing omnivora
anjing omnivora Pred 2 dnevi
1:30:52 then what's the specialty of this kid lmao
anjing omnivora
anjing omnivora Pred 2 dnevi
Ignore me I'm just gonna add commentary when I'm watching through lmao. 28:38 wait did the mom kill ernie? Where's ernie?
Yashan Helapalla
Yashan Helapalla Pred 2 dnevi
1:32:26 why didnt u blink normally,.....its a nice scene if you
Angelina Romero
Angelina Romero Pred 2 dnevi
Why did 6 minutes of this feel like 3 hours?
Yashan Helapalla
Yashan Helapalla Pred 2 dnevi
1:22:00 you missed this spot pewds........you can see a great such a nice farther if u watched dis ๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ’”
Yashan Helapalla
Yashan Helapalla Pred 2 dnevi
1:24:08 this time mom loves the kitty because Earney saw her kids dying....mom's realize that and she's watching he child dying and she has to face the same fate..๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ So she remained in patience there
Bartz Lionheart
Bartz Lionheart Pred 3 dnevi
This is a very good game yep a very good game it makes me cry
Fabricio Silva
Fabricio Silva Pred 3 dnevi
ร‰eeeeee aiiiii dino na รกrea
TankRatt Pred 3 dnevi
I have not sobbed like this before
JAR Pred 3 dnevi
How did he not ball his fucking eyes out Iโ€™m literally sobbing
mademo iselle
mademo iselle Pred 3 dnevi
this made my depression worse lol
Jorge Vera
Jorge Vera Pred 3 dnevi
They should rename this game "before I cry"
Rebekah Meyers
Rebekah Meyers Pred 3 dnevi
I have something in both of my eyes.
Caleb Mcintosh
Caleb Mcintosh Pred 3 dnevi
why is pewdiepie just so wholesome
Irusha Henakaarachchi
One of the best games I've ever seen, claps for the writer ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
scullema Pred 3 dnevi
this is the saddest game i've ever seen, well done developers and a massive thanks to pewdiepie for playing it! And remember kids, whatever happens, you're not alone in this world!
itsdat_ kneegrr1
itsdat_ kneegrr1 Pred 3 dnevi
11:15 Pewdiepie: โ€œdonโ€™t blink,no blinkingโ€ 1.5 seconds later:*
Redub Pred 3 dnevi
"I was hoping we would grow old, but I guess we never did.โ€ Fcking hell man, i was just going through the videos that missed while i was away. Gorgeous game, beautiful story.
Ella B
Ella B Pred 3 dnevi
[11:58] is taking about that plant which he will never be able to see bloom. i just realised after crying already to go back and read the comments damn
Kc Lusha
Kc Lusha Pred 3 dnevi
Kc Lusha
Kc Lusha Pred 3 dnevi
Bruh I was scared if the thumbnail
Gesshoku01 Pred 3 dnevi
I'm watching this 3 weeks later. My heart is broken I've been crying for 30+ minutes
Alex Love
Alex Love Pred 3 dnevi
Omg I canโ€™t stop crying...( the song at the end is even making me sad) what great story...
Struggles Real
Struggles Real Pred 3 dnevi
Iโ€™m watching this late but....man this game hits bro. I didnโ€™t expect him to die so young
Trinity King
Trinity King Pred 3 dnevi
as i currently fight my disease at 18 years old, im uncontrollably crying. i felt understood for once, through a game.
Trinity King
Trinity King Pred dnevom
@Big Bossy im fighting as hard as possible* my kitten keeps smacking my keyboard lol
Trinity King
Trinity King Pred dnevom
@Big Bossy thank you! as possible
Big Bossy
Big Bossy Pred dnevom
Keep fighting, even thought I'm just a person o. The internet I'll fight along with you. So keep kicking ass.
imoron _
imoron _ Pred 3 dnevi
This is really emotional
Mike Morton
Mike Morton Pred 3 dnevi
Iโ€™ve been on that brink of not knowing if my health will be fine and on the cold dark drives back from my doctor I could see how drained my mom looked. It is crazy how much can matter in such little time.
Cynthia Belarmino
Cynthia Belarmino Pred 3 dnevi
This shit made me tear up a little,just a little.
mark khalvin
mark khalvin Pred 4 dnevi
Me after watching this ๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
T-Series Luymeng
T-Series Luymeng Pred 4 dnevi
Nice I like your videos
Wolfgineer Pred 4 dnevi
"Dont blink" Aisawa: *"first time?"*
8illy Pred 4 dnevi
i swear something flew in my eyes im not crying... big boys dont cry.
BLEEP BLOCK Pred 23 urami
Looks like you ainโ€™t a big boy no more
m e
m e Pred 4 dnevi
The intro is so chill
Yagurt Melon
Yagurt Melon Pred 4 dnevi
6:58 "im actually a master at not blinking" *blinks*
Jeffrey Figueroa
Jeffrey Figueroa Pred 4 dnevi
happy mothers day
MylffieG Pred 4 dnevi
NGL I CRIED. I think we need more games like this.
Satan Pred 4 dnevi
imma mention the fact that 2 people donated over 1.5 thousand dollars in the chat
Narciso Flores
Narciso Flores Pred 4 dnevi
Man I played that piece in high school
Komi Pred 4 dnevi
Im not crying you are
R1P Pred 4 dnevi
that part where the pain stopped when Chloe came holy fuck my heart.
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