Cringe Compilations Needs to be STOPPED 

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2. apr. 2021

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Kavin Bala
Kavin Bala Pred 39 minutami
the jokes in the council guy made decent jokes the boomers just won't laugh in the uk that would have totally worked out well
Desenhos-Antigos Pred 19 urami
Brasil 🐦🇧🇷
Beep Boop
Beep Boop Pred dnevom
19:01 happened in my class The girl was talking to her husband and nope I am so fucking done and hung up😂
voodoo kid
voodoo kid Pred dnevom
The Bart Simpson wouldn't be so cringe if she did it in 1992
Simplemente YO
Simplemente YO Pred 2 dnevi
a 3 minute video ad
Just Rue
Just Rue Pred 2 dnevi
Eternal take phone case
Álvaro A
Álvaro A Pred 2 dnevi
I remember 3:32. Nimesh Patel talked about this incident on Joe Rogan's podcast. The joke that got him off stage was pretty funny, imo.
Chicken Bot
Chicken Bot Pred 2 dnevi
Where’s the Nokia phone case :(
Warner1929 Pred 2 dnevi
17:47 The reaction of the gentleman in the back left just shows how painful it must feel in that room...
Gnar Boots
Gnar Boots Pred 2 dnevi
Wendy Williams is real life Joan Calamezzo
Caden Hogan
Caden Hogan Pred 3 dnevi
Øctane - اوكتين
This is obviously cringe
Cameron Lackner
Cameron Lackner Pred 3 dnevi
Bro I saw you cringe, twice. Where the 🐬 is this cool end thing you were supposed to do? False advertising Felix, FALSE ADVERTISING!! I follow jared on Instagram for fuck knows what reason, I liked him in one movie?? After seeing this he is getting unfollowed, I always get douchebag wannabe Jesus vibes off of him anyway and I like TNF too much, but he’s not worthy of it. (30 seconds to Mars sucks, that one song they did 10 years ago that still gets stuck in your head gib me nightmares)
Iliya Mand
Iliya Mand Pred 3 dnevi
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez Pred 3 dnevi
Thumbnail is very epic.
A_swish West
A_swish West Pred 3 dnevi
Kenny is such a G with those 3-pointers
Alim Pred 4 dnevi
City council open mic 🎤
Naolocked Pred 4 dnevi
Savannah Jackson
Savannah Jackson Pred 5 dnevi
something deep down inside me is telling me felix miiiiiiight a fart kink... 🏃‍♀️
Nicole Pred 5 dnevi
3 minute ad at the beginning ugh
LilSmelly Pug
LilSmelly Pug Pred 5 dnevi
When PewDiePie said hay I was like ahhh
Mogady Pred 5 dnevi
I’ve seen those razer headphones. So ugly
Bernardo Gonçalves de Araújo
im very resistent to cringe
noble jomon
noble jomon Pred 5 dnevi
Blackheathenly Pred 5 dnevi
You should do a cringe compilation of cringe compilations.
maggi romania
maggi romania Pred 5 dnevi
FX crew girlz
FX crew girlz Pred 6 dnevi
why are the videos hes reacting to always so quiet i never understand whats going on
JustPro XYT
JustPro XYT Pred 6 dnevi
Why u herr
icedlobster 6
icedlobster 6 Pred 6 dnevi
so PewDiePie become cry whell thats nice
Heero Pred 7 dnevi
me: on the toilet.. Pewdiepie: heyyy
Floofy Pred 7 dnevi
this comedian was on joe rogan explaining why he got kicked off lol...think its him
Ulrich zombie ghost 2005
My insides are hurting 😖
Matthew Hensley
Matthew Hensley Pred 7 dnevi
Wait has he lost subscribers?
Molly Harris
Molly Harris Pred 8 dnevi
Um that eye contact as he said "Hey..." though, ngl had me blushing. You been taking lessons from Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse???
Mel Pred 8 dnevi
The news channel one had me in tears.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford Pred 9 dnevi
21:20 is the perfect time to just moon him. While you have everyone’s attention ya know?
Zack Leblanc
Zack Leblanc Pred 9 dnevi
When pewdiepie is so entertaining you can listen to his sponsorship for 3 minutes and 7 seconds and not skip
Arda Özdinçer
Arda Özdinçer Pred 4 dnevi
Cant relate skipped it right away
No One
No One Pred 9 dnevi
Who is that guy at 3:35, because he looks like comedian that is being censored.
Wesley Underwood
Wesley Underwood Pred 9 dnevi
Pewdiepies merch is usually pretty good
SMITE YT minecraft
SMITE YT minecraft Pred 9 dnevi
Well i don't still understand a lot english But still watching pwediepie 😅😅😅😅😅
Mugelbbub16 Pred 11 dnevi
That news thing is cursed
Antonio Palacios
Antonio Palacios Pred 11 dnevi
10:51 “nope, I’m changing the video”
kuromi lin
kuromi lin Pred 11 dnevi
El Cringe , finally ...some good shit
Adriano Victor
Adriano Victor Pred 11 dnevi
Why do you fucking need to ad for 10 minutes?
Sickdoc Pred 11 dnevi
Jake paul is nothing but wannabe mcgregor
Leni Gamer
Leni Gamer Pred 11 dnevi
Bryan Venturalopez
Bryan Venturalopez Pred 12 dnevi
What’s the point of a phone case like my brother has one and a screen protector and it broke instantly, mine hasn’t gotten a crack yet
NobodyKnows Pred 12 dnevi
That was pretty hot 8:20
YTCC Pred 12 dnevi
Pewds: Very durable when you throw it anywhere!! Meanwhile at the Nokia Factory: CEO of Nokia: Youuu think you can challenge meee??!!
The Last of the Seven
The Last of the Seven Pred 12 dnevi
The comedian at city council won the cringey crown for me.
The Last of the Seven
The Last of the Seven Pred 12 dnevi
Domino Modern Warfare
Domino Modern Warfare Pred 13 dnevi
I was just about to ask about android but he just answered itl
Axel W ➋
Axel W ➋ Pred 13 dnevi
Billy McGee
Billy McGee Pred 13 dnevi
God nancy cartwright is the CRINGIEST
DTXfloreš Pred 14 dnevi
Anything that’s tik tok will most likely be cringe
Jello Morgan
Jello Morgan Pred 14 dnevi
i don't have a smartphone but ordered the case ❤️
iJustSharted Clean Me
iJustSharted Clean Me Pred 14 dnevi
when the cam zoomed in on felix and he said "hey," I actually retracted back in my chair and said, "ew the fuck?"
Liliantéchrist Pred 14 dnevi
bro the sound of the videos are too low compared to your voice
Trash Dino
Trash Dino Pred 14 dnevi
No that man in the council was an icon
Joachim Nokia
Joachim Nokia Pred 14 dnevi
7:45 🙃
Axewgamer 73
Axewgamer 73 Pred 14 dnevi
Stop watching these to fill good about yourselves you social anxious a-holes
Anaisel Ramos
Anaisel Ramos Pred 14 dnevi
hahaha yesss pewdiepie seeing Santa Barbara memes. THATS WASSUP
Hunter Steven
Hunter Steven Pred 14 dnevi
pewds needs to take shrooms and go back to the old him😂
Ellie Johnson
Ellie Johnson Pred 14 dnevi
why is your mic so goddamn loud and the video so quiet
PsψchiaTube Pred 15 dnevi
HOLD UP this Canadian is HILARIOUS
ARC Trooper in Training
Me still waiting for cupheads pt 3 since 2018 😐
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn Pred 15 dnevi
The Toledo news was so cringe, but still cool to see my hometown try to be funny for once.
Gandhi’s Step Bro
Gandhi’s Step Bro Pred 15 dnevi
I like how Felix says “and he even made it” like he isn’t Kenny Smith(a hall of fame NBA player)
JELLI Hcr2 Pred 15 dnevi
Sooooo, let me get this straigth, did that man just really did some comedy in court????
Joe B.
Joe B. Pred 15 dnevi
8:04 dude just said "hi" 3 times in less than 10 sec. LOL
Lulu Idk
Lulu Idk Pred 15 dnevi
the pick up guy needs a nose job \
Evan Murnick
Evan Murnick Pred 15 dnevi
11:10 that weather be bussin
Micheal Carter
Micheal Carter Pred 15 dnevi
Anybody got the song at 20:38
Micheal Carter
Micheal Carter Pred 11 dnevi
@Rahayu Ismail obviously
Rahayu Ismail
Rahayu Ismail Pred 11 dnevi
Pigstep. You seriously dont know this song?
db sc
db sc Pred 15 dnevi
Sell those crappy phone covers to nfi losers SELL hahahaaaa
heather platon
heather platon Pred 15 dnevi
I love pewdiepie commercials
Carcajou Pred 16 dnevi
Pewdiepie just said "hey" to me
Ally Pred 16 dnevi
Unfortunately my boyfriend is from Toledo (Ohio) and that was his local news station attempting to use slang ahahaha I’m embarrassed to even have a vague connection to it
hipo Pickle?
hipo Pickle? Pred 16 dnevi
That's a nice case, make it for the OnePlus nord please 😁
Tiiu angell
Tiiu angell Pred 16 dnevi
Girl say hi to me me: *dies of cringe*
Andy Sigh
Andy Sigh Pred 16 dnevi
what phone is pewds using?!!
Jose Miguel Torres
Jose Miguel Torres Pred 16 dnevi
what is pewdiepie's phone?
Beermanhero 18
Beermanhero 18 Pred 16 dnevi
I loved dat kitty dance
Why ?
Why ? Pred 17 dnevi
bat box
bat box Pred 17 dnevi
The best try not to cringe is to look at past memories
Momo S
Momo S Pred 2 dnevi
Staying humble
bbgople Pred 6 dnevi
i do that every night when im about to sleep
Yazno Tsik
Yazno Tsik Pred 17 dnevi
I love you Felix, but 50$ is have the rent I pay here. Sorry (
The Ultimate Gamer
The Ultimate Gamer Pred 17 dnevi
When he wears the glasses in the thumbnail he looks like noriaki kakyoin
BMoney8600 Pred 17 dnevi
Nancy Cartwright is awesome
Johnny Funke
Johnny Funke Pred 17 dnevi
Making an ass of yourself at someone else's wedding is some tip top cringe
Walkee Foden
Walkee Foden Pred 17 dnevi
Omg I got a long ad and it was so cringy and I didn’t notice the ad thing on the side so I thought it was still the video cause it was cringy
FallenMM Pred 17 dnevi
I wanted to click off at the news station doing the memes
Esteban Sanchez II
Esteban Sanchez II Pred 17 dnevi
Am I going crazy or did there used to be a part of the video talking about a PewDiePie microfiber cloth?
Mr.MovieMafia Pred 18 dnevi
Jared Leto is a talented-ass actor, but sometimes he makes it really hard to defend him 🙄
Gapb Pred 18 dnevi
I didn't get the first one, was the guy supposed to be cringe or the girls, cuz he killed it
What the actual heck Is This
The video doesn’t REALLY start until 3:08
Puddin John
Puddin John Pred 18 dnevi
I'm ashamed that I'm wearing those headphones
Indika malley
Indika malley Pred 18 dnevi
I like the news casting one
Panda Pirate
Panda Pirate Pred 18 dnevi
Pewdiepie: has 3 minutes of ads at the beginning of his video Also pewdiepie: “the video hasn’t even started don’t ask me to subscribe”
Hammaad Pred 18 dnevi
11:27 guys we know what we are rlly looking at
Jabez Jade Ocampo
Jabez Jade Ocampo Pred 18 dnevi
How About Nokia?
Alone in the Dark
Alone in the Dark Pred 18 dnevi
That wedding video made me so angry.
Nelson Diaz
Nelson Diaz Pred 18 dnevi
I was today years old when I realized Jared Leto leads 30 Seconds to Mars
Tik Tok is Cringe
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Unluckiest People Caught in 4K
Gym Fails is Hilarious!
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